I'm A Celebrity stars split in to two camps in first Bushtucker Trial

I'm A Celebrity Lorraine - Scales TrialThe I'm A Celebrity 2011 contestants were thrown in at the deep end when they faced their first Bushtucker Trial, which also saw the group split in to two camps.

Those who skydived in to camp - Antony, Crissy, Fatima Lorraine and Mark - became one team. The other team - Dougie, Jessica-Jane, Stefanie and Willie, who arrived by canoe - were joined by Freddie Starr, who came in late after reportedly having issues with his insurance.

In 'Scales of Justice', the teams sat on benches suspended from a giant set of scales, and each celebrity had a box filled with jungle nasties in front of them.

The first star on each bench had to open their box and retrieve two stars from within using their mouths, which would unlock the box of the second, who would do the same for the third, and so on. The first team to get all their stars won the better camp, Croc Creek, and food for the night. The other team would be stuck with rice and beans in the worse camp, Snake Rock.

In addition, the losers would face the humiliation of being dipped in to a tank full of fish guts!

Lorraine and Freddie were the first to face their boxes, full of meal worms and slime, and the former Emmerdale actress took her team to an early lead, passing the baton on to Crissy.

By the time Freddie had his first star, Crissy had her face buried in her box of yabbis. She soon found the stars, enabling Antony to search for his among cockroaches.

As Freddie continued to struggle, the other team worked quickly, with Fatima facing her box of eels. Finally, Mark pulled his from scorpions and crickets, winning the trial for the skydivers.

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