Brian Dowling reveals he turned down I'm A Celebrity 2011

Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling has revealed he turned down offers to take part in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, because he was too scared of everything he'd face! The new Big Brother host added that he also initally set no to Ultimate Big Brother when approached by Channel 4 last year.

Brian said: "I always said after Big Brother, 'I'm not doing any more reality shows'... but then you always get that lull and you're like 'It's time for reality show!'"

"The year I did Hell’s Kitchen... Oh God, it still brings back horrible memories.... I was going in for Dancing On Ice, and they said bring him down to Hell's Kitchen. So I did that, came third, cried a lot and said 'I'm not doing anymore reality shows!'"


Speaking to TellyMix ahead of the start of Big Brother on Channel 5, Brian continued: "I wouldn't have done another if it wasn't Ultimate Big Brother, but even when I was approached initially I said no, but then I felt I owed it to people because I won the show. I felt it was a great way to end it. I'm glad I did ultimate."

"I'm going to say now again, no more reality... maybe 2013."

And the Irish telly host also revealed he had turned down the chance to take part in ITV1 show I'm A Celebrity.

"I said no to the jungle, That would be hard. I don't like bugs, I don't like snakes, I don't like rats, I don't like sleeping on the ground. I think if I was on that show I would know for a fact that I'd be voted to do every challenge because people would find it funny!

"Kangaroo balls... the thought! Oh no! I couldn't. And I can't swim either! and I was an air steward!"

Brian Dowling hosts Big Brother on Channel 5 from August 18.

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