I'm A Celebrity 2017: Iain Lee and Stanley Johnson clash in latest trial

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There was tension on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here tonight as Iain Lee and Stanley Johnson clashed.

In the latest trial, which saw the Boys and Girls go head to head, each team was presented with a locked chest containinga flag and two further boxes containing pebbles. They had to count up the pebbles and the total number - 397 - was the combination number needed for the team to retrieve the Earth flag.

To even up the numbers Vanessa was sent off to sit inside number ten then each team devised their counting strategies. The Blue team decided that one of them, Amir, should focus on distracting the girls while they counted pebbles while the Yellow team of girls sensibly counted the pebbles into piles of ten.

As Iain started counting out loud Stanley asked him not to talk out loud. “I’m doing it my way Stanley you do it your way. I’m not shouting. I have to (talk out loud) I’m afraid.”

In the Bush Telegraph things were tense as Iain and Stanley argued over what was the right system. “You are an obstinate man Iain, I’m saying you are not ready to recognise that your system was wrong.”

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“Stanley you are the most obstinate person I’ve ever met, if anyone dares raise a criticism or disagree with you then they are obstinate, it’s a different point of view. We didn’t win it fair enough.”

Back in the camp Iain told Toff he’d had a disagreement with Stanley in the Bush Telegraph over the stones. “We disagreed with each other but I’m not allowed to disagree, me disagreeing means I’m obstinate.

“He used the o word on me I nearly used the w word on him but that would be inappropriate. I just don’t get the whole glowing radiant outlook that people have about Stanley.”

However later, Iain apologised to Stanley. “Mr Johnson I just wanted to apologise. I lost my temper earlier and I should have done and I’m sorry.”

‘”No no no for goodness sake. This is a win win situation because if we don’t win, the girls win” said Stanley.

“Exactly. Someone’s going to have a great time”” replied Iain.

“And honestly I don’t think I want a huge meal anyway” Stanley continued.

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“No I’m stuffed. I’m trying to lose weight. This is what I’m here for. I’m glad we’re cool” replied Iain.

“It’s called a win win situation. We are cool. Totally cool”” said Stanley. Iain whispered to himself: “That was the right thing to do.”

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly on ITV.

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