Shaun Ryder turns down Celebrity Big Brother - but would return to I'm A Celebrity


Shaun Ryder has revealed he's previously turned down Celebrity Big Brother.

The Happy Mondays star rejected an offer from show bosses, saying the series was "not for me".


He told BANG! Showbiz (via The List): "I wouldn't personally do 'CBB' because to me it just looks like they get a load of people with mental health issues and throw a s**t load of booze in a house and let them all get at it. It's not for me."

It's far from the first reality show Shaun has turned down, saying last year he also rejected the chance to appear on Strictly Come Dancing.

“I got asked to do Strictly. The problem with Strictly is it doesn’t really do anything for you, does it?" he told The Sun newspaper. “You go on and you dance like a t**t, right, and then you stand there while some c*** tells you how bad you are and what a w**ker you are.”


But there is one show Shaun is up for: I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

He was runner up in the 2010 series and would love to go back.

"I get offers for reality television every day. With television I am lucky enough to pick the TV that I want. Game shows or whatever. We did a reality thing not long ago when we went off to the rainforest, which gets classed as a documentary, but for me it was reality television," explained the performer.


He continued: "I've got no problem with it if I want to do it and I've got an album coming out that I want to promote.

"If I was asked to go back in the jungle, I'd totally go back. If they every brought that show to a close and said they wanted winners and runners up I would be there."