I'm A Celebrity 2016: Larry Lamb in tearful apology to Martin Roberts over camp feud


Larry Lamb broke down in tears and said sorry to Martin Roberts after I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Following his stint in the Australian jungle on I'm A Celebrity, Martin spoke exclusively to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning earlier.

Martin admitted on the show today: “I haven’t watched the show back yet and part of me doesn’t want to quite yet because I’ve got this image of what it was like… and it takes away from your experience. But I’d love to see the trials.”

On the times he was upset and seen crying, Martin confessed: “That wasn’t a particularly good night to be honest… there are all these cameras there but very quickly you forget. You’re in such an intense experience.

"And that night, I was on my own, Danny had has a real go at me - I’d felt like I’d gone from hero to zero - I’d won the stars and then he had a go at me about not carrying water because Adam had been a little lazy, whatever, and I suddenly felt like the whole camp was against me.”

Explaining his feelings on the feud with actor Larry Lamb, Martin confessed: “On the way back from the jungle, Kirsty [his wife] had told me some of the things he said that I hadn’t heard and was really trying to get the rest of the group against me.

"So by the time I arrived at the hotel… there’s this reunion, and the last person I expected to see there was Larry. But I thought I’ve just got to put this behind me and give him a hug, but I was not feeling that inside.”

He added: “Some of the stuff he did was over the top… and the first day I was really angry, but my overall experience of the jungle was so positive. And the anger had gone. So by the time it was our final morning - I was having breakfast with Kirsty and the kids - and who should walk up but Larry and his lovely lady, and it was the last I was probably going to see them and I just grabbed Larry and hugged him.

'And I kept hold of him and said this is a real hug, and he just broke down in tears. He said, ‘I am so so sorry about the way I acted towards you, and I am so sorry about what I said’...”

Holly asked: “And do you accept that apology?”

Martin replied, “Of course, of course. I think Larry said if we’d met at a party or some social event we’d probably get on fine, but you’re thrown into that environment...”

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