Sam Quek sent secret messages to her boyfriend on I'm A Celebrity 2016


Sam Quek sent secret messages to her boyfriend on I'm a Celebrity 2016, it's been revealed.

The Olympian makes the confession in tonight's Coming Out show on ITV at 8PM, which follows the celebs on their exits from camp.

During her time in the jungle Sam had subtly written the numbers 143 on her hat.

It turns that this was a special code for boyfriend Tom and meant I Love You. Tom had written out 143 in rose petals on the hotel bed.

After first leaving the jungle, Sam was met by Tom who showed her his shirt and said, "Tis is my eviction shirt, I’ve worn it 8 times. Seriously, you were not meant to last this long.”

Sam said, "I can’t believe it, I just thought as long as I’m not out first anything else is a bonus. I’ve just seen Tom’s phone and it’s all coming back to me that there’s life outside of the jungle.”

She then made her way to the catering tent for a well earned fry up and Tom said, "You’re proper famous now by the way.”

On the drive back to the hotel Sam had an emotional call with her mum. She said, “I love you, I miss you. I’m emotional I’m welling up now speaking to you. I can’t believe I came fourth.”

Talking to Tom she said, “Every time they came in (Ant and Dec) and it wasn’t me I was in so much shock.” Tom asked, “Why do you think you came fourth?”

Sam said, “For me fourth is just as good as first. I just went in being myself and one of the big things I wanted to be was a role model to younger girls and say, yeah, sport is cool.”

Tom added, “You’ve got so many supporters because you inspired people. People want their daughter to be like that. I would love to have a daughter like Sam Quek…hopefully with Sam Quek.”

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here's Coming Out show airs at 8PM tonight on ITV.

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