Here's what the I'm A Celebrity 2016 celebrities did after leaving the jungle


Here's exactly what happened when the I'm A Celebrity 2016 line up left the jungle.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here's Coming Out show airs at 8PM tonight on ITV and we've a first look at what to expect.

Presented by Ant & Dec, Coming Out follows each of the campmates, including Queen of the Jungle, Scarlett Moffatt, from the moment they step off the bridge to their emotional reunions with friends and family, and captures their reactions as they spend their first well-deserved night in luxury.

Danny Baker

Danny Baker was the first celebrity to leave the Jungle and was greeted by his wife Wendy. It wasn’t long before Wendy noticed he had a huge cobweb and spider on his back!

“Even coming out today has made this the perfect trip, I wanted to do the show, I went in and I think I entertained the folks as much as I could” said Danny.

Wendy then asked him if he really got on with Martin: “At first, not at all. I don’t think he’d ever watched the show. I think he knew it was a reality show and by that he thought everyone goes in and has arguments or it’s a dog eat dog scenario, he didn’t know we were all mates” said Danny.

“The second run in we had was because I thought he was picking on Scarlett, but then it was fine after that, you just need to lance the boil” continued Danny.

Lisa Snowdon

The next celebrity that left the Jungle was Lisa Snowdon who was greeted by her boyfriend George and Dad.

“My favourite relationships in the camp were with Scarlett, Larry and Jordan” said Lisa as she enjoyed a fry up.

Talking about the various conversations she’d had in camp with her boyfriend George, Lisa said, “I didn’t name drop in there like the others did, did you notice?”

George looked at Lisa and said, “Matt Damon?!” reminding her she did name drop in camp.

Ola Jordan

Ola Jordan was the third celebrity to leave the Jungle and was greeted by her husband James Jordan. “I loved it, I loved it” said Ola talking about her experience.

Whilst in the car driving back to the hotel, James gave Ola the note he’d written for ‘letters from home’, as Ola took the note he started to cry.

As Ola read the emotional love letter she also started to cry and they hugged each other, “OMG, what are they doing to us” she laughed.

As they arrived into their hotel bedroom, Ola looked around and said, “Bit messy babe” and then she spotted a warm bath sprinkled with rose petals that James had arranged. “Bath time” smiled James as they both took a bath together.

Jordan Banjo

im-a-celebrity-2016-caps-100 jordan banjo
Jordan Banjo was greeted by his sister Talia as he left the Jungle and almost immediately said he wanted pizza!

“Larry was more than a mate, Larry looked after me” said Jordan. “If it wasn’t for Larry, a lot of the times I would have walked” he continued.

Talia asked if Jordan felt he’d now conquered his phobias, “I think they’re worse to be honest with you” laughed Jordan.

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman was met by her best friend Mandy as she left the Jungle and they both couldn’t wait to have a girlie catch up.

Mandy told Carol about the time Wayne Bridge thought she’d be ‘up for it’ with Joel when Carol and Joel played a game pretending to fancy each other, Carol thought it was hilarious. Both said “Hashtag Jarol” at the same time.

“I’ve loved being in the Jungle, I wouldn’t have loved it if I’d been with a different group of people. Martin had a really bad start and he was pompous and there was a lot of eye rolling going on but I would defend Martin as he was a kind person who adores his family” said Carol.

Larry Lamb

Larry was the sixth person to leave the camp and his friend Marie was there to greet him.

Heading back to the hotel Larry reflected on his time in the camp, “It’s been an amazing, amazing experience – it’s definitely changed me forever without doubt. The personalities of all those people just came together to form a family and Jordan became another son to me” adding, “when he left the camp it hit me like a train.”

On Martin he said: "You know there will be people you like and people you don’t really take to. Martin isn’t the sort of person I’d be going out with socially, that’s all there is to it. That concentrated time together puts heat on the pot and sometimes that bubbles to the surface. We had a couple of little conversations but that was put to rest.”

Back at the hotel Larry was greeted by his fellow campmates – he also went up to Martin’s wife Kirsty and said hello, and told his two kids Scott and Megan that Martin “loved them and missed them very much.”

Back in his room, Larry had a surprise visitor, Jordan. It was an emotional reunion with Jordan saying, “My dad wanted to say a personal thank you for everything you’ve done for me. My brother, Ashley wants you to come round for dinner. The whole family is buzzing to meet you.”

Martin Roberts

As part of a double eviction, Martin left alongside Wayne Bridge.

Martin’s wife Kirsty said, “I’m a bit relieved to be honest, it’s been such a rollercoaster, I desperately wanted him to stay in but I honestly thought today was the day.”

Martin had an emotional reunion with his wife and kids “I’m back, I’m back.’ he said, and added,” I missed you guys so much.”

Once back at the hotel he greeted his former campmates. He went up to his hotel room where his kids had got him a special present. He unwrapped it and saw it was talc which read ‘100% guaranteed Iguana resistant powder’.

Wayne Bridge

Wayne’s wife Frankie headed down to the camp to meet him, on the way she said, “ Much as I’ve missed him and I love him, I’m really not looking forward to the smell! It’s going to be a quick oh hi nice to see you – right go and have a wash, get some mouthwash and sort yourself out.”

Wayne met Frankie and on the way back to see Bob the Medic. Wayne had lost 6kg during his jungle stay. So he immediately started tucking into some tea and biscuits for breakfast. He said, “I’ve had about 50 biscuits already!” he then dunks a Jammy Dodger!! – after agreeing with Scarlett that Jammy Dodgers must never be dunked… but hunger does strange things to a man.

Whilst travelling back to the hotel, Frankie told Wayne, “I’m well proud of you, it’s mad it’s something I never thought you’d do. I never thought I’d watch you on TV… however, I’m a little bit bored of all the women saying how lucky I am…I’m like, he’s lucky too!!”

After Frankie gave him a dressing down for his sex talk, Wayne promptly ran a bath and sat in it eating burger and chips…it seems he’s put on the lost 6kg already.

Sam Quek

Sam was met by her boyfriend Tom who showed. She said: "I can’t believe it, I just thought as long as I’m not out first anything else is a bonus. I’ve just seen Tom’s phone and it’s all coming back to me that there’s life outside of the jungle.”

On the drive back to the hotel Sam had an emotional call with her mum. She said, “ I love you, I miss you. I’m emotional I’m welling up now speaking to you. I can’t believe I came fourth.”

Talking to Tom she said, “Every time they came in (Ant and Dec) and it wasn’t me I was in so much shock.”

Sam said, “For me fourth is just as good as first. I just went in being myself and one of the big things I wanted to be was a role model to younger girls and say, yeah, sport is cool.”

Tom added, “You’ve got so many supporters because you inspired people. People want their daughter to be like that. I would love to have a daughter like Sam Quek…hopefully with Sam Quek.”

Adam Thomas

Adam was met by his fiancée Caroline and on the drive back to the hotel. He said, “I can’t believe I’m out, it feels like I’ve been in there a year!”

Adam got emotional at the thought of reuniting with his son Teddy and Caroline said, “ Ted got his phone and walked to the middle of the room and went dada come home.”

Back at the hotel he had an emotional reunion with his friends and family and of course the one he had been most looking forward to seeing, his little boy Teddy.

Joel Dommett

I'm A Celebrity 2016 final - Joel Dommett
Second placed Joel was met by his mum Penny on the bridge who told him: “Everybody loves you, especially me.”

On the way back to the hotel Joel said, “ It’s so good to be out. It’s also so weird to be out.”

His mum said, “ The hardest thing to watch was that very first trial because I knew you were really frightened.”

Waiting in his room was a cheesecake. “I’m going to eat the entire thing, I don’t care what will happen to my body.” Ssaid Joel.

He promptly cracked open a cider and took it into the shower. Moments later he called out for his cheesecake and he ate the rest of it in there.

Scarlett Moffatt

I'm A Celebrity 2016 final - new Queen of the Jungle Scarlett Moffatt
After the coronation to become the new Queen of the Jungle, Scarlett was met on the bridge by her mum, Betty who gave her a huge cuddle and said, “Well done.”

Once out of the Jungle Scarlett, alongside mum Betty, dad Mark and younger sister Ava were met by a stretch Hummer to take them back to the hotel. An impressed Scarlett says, “ I’ve never been in a limo before, I normally get the bus.”

Scarlet said, “Obviously I was like I can’t actually believe I’m even in here coz I just watch the telly... It’s just nice to know you’re accepted.”

Talk then turned to food and in particular chicken kebabs. Betty told her it had been trending after she mentioned it so much in the jungle. So on route to the hotel they did a quick detour and picked up a couple of chicken kebabs.

Reaching the hotel, she said, ” I’m so excited to see a real life bed, I’d forgotten what one looks like and it beats sleeping in a hammock.”

The family promptly all sat on the bed and switched the telly on… some things never change.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here's Coming Out show airs at 8PM tonight on ITV.

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