I'm A Celebrity faker? Scarlett Moffatt's 'claustrophobia' called into question over lift selfies


Scarlett Moffatt has been accused of 'faking' her claustrophobia on I'm A Celebrity 2016.

Last night saw the I'm A Celebrity final and it was Scarlett who won the show.

However some have accused her of 'fooling the public' with a phobia of small spaces.

During the show, Scarlett spoke about how she was so scared she didn't even enter lifts.

Scarlett told hosts Ant and Dec during one trial: “I can feel myself getting upset.

"But I feel if I can do this I might finally be able to go in lifts because I was on the 34th floor out here and I walked the stairs because I can’t stand small spaces.”

However Scarlett's countless Instagram selfies have caused some to wonder if she was just playing up to the cameras.

Far from being afraid, it seems more like Scarlett has a bizarre love of lifts with her profile littered with snaps from them.

"Standard lift selfie," Scarlett captioned on one.

"lift selfie" she added to another snap.

Instagram users poked fun at Scarlett, with one commenting: "Not scared of the lift on that day?"

"Must be a "phobia" she can turn on and off when she wants" another wrote.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, another user posted: "Sick of Scarlett saying she doesn’t go in lifts. MATE you have “lift selfies” all over ya Instagram."

Of course, having now won the show, it doesn't seem to really matter any more...

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