I'm A Celebrity 2016: Martin Roberts 'accuses Larry Lamb of bullying him in the jungle'


Larry Lamb has been accused of 'bullying' Martin Roberts on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

And Martin claims that the scenes were cut from TV.

Chatting after his exit on Friday night, a day after Larry left, Martin said: "Larry tried to undermine me and the group and he tried to turn people against me. I’ve heard that he actually said on camera that I was a ‘f****** lower middle class snob’.

"I don’t understand what that is. But clearly it’s not very nice.”

In an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper, Martin went on: “I lived a long time in the jungle with Larry and it turns out a lot of the stuff that he did to me wasn’t shown."

He claimed: "One thing that hurt most was when he was interviewed after a challenge and I heard him say:

"‘He doesn’t need to win, because he’s a porker and he doesn’t need the food’. The day before, I talked about how I was badly bullied because I was fat, so Larry heard all of that.”

Martin added: “I didn’t say anything to him but it hurt a lot and I said to the producer at the time, ‘Please don’t use that’. The only way I survived in the jungle was putting an emotional protective bubble around myself, otherwise I would have been a wreck.”

However Larry slammed Martin's claims, saying: "Any suggestion of bullying is nonsense. I’m sorry Martin feels that way, I wish he’d said something to me.”

And Wayne Bridge, who left alongside Martin in Friday night's double eviction, agreed: “There was never ever any bullying whatsoever. Larry was not a bully – he held his tongue every time that something was said."

A spokesperson for ITV said: “The show is a fair and accurate representation of camp life. We constantly monitor and talk to our celebrities to check on their welfare and have procedures in place to address any unacceptable behaviour.”