I'm A Celebrity 2016: Adam Thomas endures a 'Knickerbocker Gory' in revolting Bushtucker Trial

I'm A Celebrity contestant Adam Thomas faces Knickerbocker Gory Bushtucker Trial

Adam Thomas became an ingredient in a 'Knickerbocker Gory' sundae when he took on the latest I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Bushtucker Trial.

Hearing the name of the Trial, the campmates quickly decided it would be an eating challenge, and drew straws to decide who'd take part.

Adam was chosen and shipped off to the Trial clearing - only to find it didn't involve eating at all.


Hosts Ant and Dec explained that he'd have to stand in a huge sundae glass as it filled up with jungle nasties. He'd earn one star for each of the three markers the putrid substances reached.

As soon as Adam was inside, he was hit by an avalanche of slime, followed by fish guts.

"It's so heavy. I wish Martin had got the short straw," he laughed. "I bet my brothers are loving this one!"

Rotten fruit and veg was soon added, taking the contents of the glass to the third marker. Having won half the meals on offer, Adam moved on to part two.

A giant spoon was raised and lowered in to the glass, and using his mouth only, the actor had to release the three stars attached to it. This time, however, he wasn't alone.

Mealworms, crickets and cockroaches rained down on Adam as he set about his task - and by the time he got to the final star, Dec revealed that an eye-watering 90,000 creepy crawlies were swarming around him.

Nonetheless, Adam held his nerve and completed the Trial with a full house.

Unable to move due to the gunge surrounding him, Adam had to be lifted out of the glass. "If this was scratch and sniff TV, you'd turn over now - it stinks," Ant said.

Back in camp, Adam decided not to tell his campmates he'd won all six meals - instead claiming he'd got just two.

They all bought his story, telling him not to worry. "It was the easiest bit of acting I've ever had to do," the Emmerdale star joked. "I want a National TV Award. No, I want an Oscar!"

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