I'm A Celebrity 2016: This is why Wayne Bridge is scared of goats


Wayne Bridge's mum has shed some light on his fear of goats on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Probably not quite the creepy, strange creatures many fear when heading to the Aussie jungle, goats proved to be Wayne's phobia in a task this week.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Wayne's mum Wendy said he had always had a fear of four-legged creatures.

“Some people fawn over anything with four legs, but he prefers things with two legs," she said.


And Wendy confessed she may not have helped the situation when he was younger.

“I remember his cousin had a small dog. Knowing that he wasn’t that keen on animals, I sent the dog in and the dog was sniffing at his face before he woke up. He opened his eyes and went, ‘Get that fox out of here’,” she admitted to the newspaper.

Meanwhile, Wayne;s mum said she was "very proud" of how well her son had done on this year's show so far.

“He is lovely and I’m very proud. He’s done well and better than I thought," she said. “Wayne doesn’t like being in front of the cameras and when he was first in there it showed. Now you are seeing him totally relaxed.”

Wendy went on to say she was also happy Wayne was giving footballers a more positive reputation.

She said to the newspaper: “It does amaze me how people will tell you what they think.


“What makes it right to go up to anybody else and tell them what you think of their child. Half of them don’t know [him]. I’ve had people come up to them and say, ‘Well I actually know him and I knows what you are saying is rubbish’.”

“You obviously haven’t met him. You just make a decision on him because he’s a footballer," Wendy added.

I'm A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

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