I'm A Celebrity 2016: It turns out Wayne Bridge is petrified of GOATS


Wayne Bridge was left terrified of goats on I'm A Celebrity 2016 tonight.

Probably not quite the creepy, strange creatures many fear when heading to the Aussie jungle.

Wayne's phobia was revealed when Wayne and Adam Thomas went off to try and win some treats for camp in the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge. They arrived at the challenge area to find an animal pen full of young goats and Wayne was worried. “I’m scared of every animal going I’m scared of little dogs," he said.

Inside the pen were three smaller enclosures separated by maths symbols and each of the goats had a number on a collar around its neck.


The lads had to make each number on a board by herding the goats with the correct numbers on their collars into the smaller pens and make the right equation to win the Dingo Dollars. One of the goats was called Dec.

Wayne screamed and ran as the goats came near him: “I’m not the best with goats to be honest, I’m scared of most animals so I don’t know how it is going to go.”

Adam fell around laughing as Wayne gingerly tried to herding the goats into their pens, however the goats were not for droving as they kept jumping over the gates and fencing separating the pens. “He plays a farmer doesn’t he? He can’t even control a goat, he’s in Emmerdale surrounded by goats all the time and he couldn’t even keep one in the pen” said a frustrated Wayne.

When Adam failed to answer 85 take away 40 … a shocked Wayne said: “He can’t add up and he can’t control goats."

Eventually they got the equation right and set off with their Dingo Dollars to the Outback Shack.

Jammy Dodgers or Cherry Bakewell were on offer, so long as they got the question right: "In a recent survey what percentage of women said that they believe it is sexist for a man to wolf whistle at a woman, even if it is intended positively – 44% or 54%."

The pair believed that a wolf whistle was a nice thing, “it surely can’t be 54%,” said Adam “I would like it if someone wolf whistled me. I would be like hi guys!”


As they waited for Kiosk Keith to put the question to camp, the pair conspired to eat the treat before they got back to camp, saying that Jordan and Larry could have a biscuit and they would eat the rest.

However after a debate raged in the camp, they agreed to suggest 54% and the Kiosk was slammed down and a devastated Wayne and Adam returned to camp empty handed.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly on ITV.

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