I'm A Celebrity's Joel Dommett and Carol Vorderman fake romance for secret task


Joel Dommett and Carol Vorderman had a secret task on tonight's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of here.

It began when Joel went to have a Jungle shower but before he could reach it a mystery red phone came out from the side of a rock. Joel answered it and it was Kiosk Keith with a secret mission for him.

Kiosk Keith offered Joel the chance to win treats for his fellow campmates if he completed a series of secret missions.

The first mission was targeted at Larry Lamb and he had to call him ‘sweetcheeks’ to his face without arousing suspicion. As part of this first mission he also had to get two other campmates to call Larry ‘sweetcheeks’ without them also becoming suspicious.


“It was hard because Larry Lamb is like the godfather and should have a name like ‘the legend’ or ‘man of the mount’ not ‘sweetcheeks – it’s slightly demeaning” said Joel.

Joel went back to camp and waited for the right moment, which happened to be when Adam farted. Joel managed to get the secret word out and then also got Adam to call Larry ‘sweetcheeks’.

Joel then tried to get Martin to do it but he wasn’t having any of it at first but eventually agreed.

Joel went back to the secret phone or as Kiosk Keith called it ‘eye stone’ and told him he’d completed the first part of the mission. The second part involved Carol Vorderman, Joel had to bring Carol in on the secret mission and she had to pretend to Scarlett she fancied Joel and Joel had to convince Wayne he fancied Carol.

Talking in the Bush Telegraph, Carol said “This is totally beyond the realms of believability, on both sides, however, we want to win rewards for our campmates so we will do it.”

The secret missions continued throughout the day with Joel tricking Jordan into believing there was a dangerous snake near the dunny and Adam helping to hide Martin’s talc and draining the camp’s water.

Adam tried to blame Larry for the missing water but Larry was having none of it much to everyone’s amusement.

After a dinner of wallaby hind quarter, Scarlett read out a Jungle message telling them that a secret mission had been going on all day.


Scarlett revealed that the secret mission was a success and treats had been won for the camp, prompting Joel and Carol to stand up to reveal their mischief making to the camp.

The treats had been chosen by friends and family and were dropped into camp to huge cheers and screams as they included palma violets, chocolate balls, peanuts, crisps and chocolate digestives amongst other things.

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