I'm A Celebrity 2016: Jordan Banjo and Larry Lamb win all stars in snake filled water trial


I'm A Celebrity 2016's Jordan Banjo and Larry Lamb won all nine stars in a snake filled water trial tonight.

Two celebrities were needed to take part in the Hell or High Water trial and Jordan and Larry volunteered.

“Nothing phases those two at all and even though Larry is the oldest member of the camp, he’s the youngest at heart,” said Scarlett.

Ant and Dec greeted them at the Bucktucker Trial clearing and described the trial. The Geordie duo told Jordan that he would be in a water filled tank, he had to get keys from the bottom of the tank and use them to unlock the corresponding valves further up the side of the chamber.


When the valves were opened, the water would pour out of the tank and into the tank on the right where Larry would be sat strapped to a chair. Every time the water level rose above one of the stars, they would win a meal for camp.

Jordan climbed down the ladder and was locked into the tank of cold water while Larry was strapped into a chair. The dancer took a breath and dropped to the bottom of the tank to pick up each key and undo the valve to release the water.

Larry gave him moral support and then noticed that he was not alone. “There are rather a lot of water snakes in here which I’m told are lethal but you wouldn’t do that to me. They are going to get very lively when the water gets up to their level,” he said.

Fifteen mud crabs, 100 yabbies and some eels joined Jordan in the tank. “He’s doing well, he’s cracking on with it,” said Ant. “Go on Jordan you can do it,” urged Dec.

As the water crept up the tank on Larry’s side, so the water snakes took refuge on his lap and then writhed around his body up to his shoulders. Said Ant: “Oh Larry they like you.”

“I have a way with snakes, I used to be like that with women,” Larry laughed. “These are not like water snakes they are trying to get out, I guess they are going to park themselves on my head, funny that isn’t it. Imagine if Jordan and I had reversed roles!” The snakes were round Larry’s neck all over his face and round his head.

Panicking at how busy his tank was with toads and other marine life, Ant told him to stop and take a breath to calm himself down. Two jungle pythons were then added to his tank as Jordan retrieved the final two keys and released all the water into Larry’s side just in time.

Once back on terra firma, Jordan and Larry were thrilled with their bounty. “When I came up from that water I wasn’t expecting to see those snakes,” said Jordan.


“Didn’t he do well,” said Larry. “I was ok with it, if they had been spitting cobras or an anaconda in with me there would have been water everywhere and me running away.”

Dec said: “You are having far too good a time, eating too much.” Laughing Jordan warned the presenters: “Remember when we get out of here there’s more of Diversity than there are of you!”

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