I'm A Celebrity 2016 line up take a trip under the Jungle Underground to a pub


The I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here stars enjoyed a night at the Jungle Arms pub tonight.

But they had to endure a nightmare journey to get there.

The celebrities were invited onto a jungle underground train to a very special destination. Joel read the laminate which said the celebrities would be divided into two groups and they had to decide among themselves which group would go first.

Carol, Martin, Larry, Jordan and Ola were in the first group.


The first five celebrities waited at the platform for the Snakerloo Line and entered the filthy carriage strewn with litter. Each celebrity in turn had to rummage in the rubbish and a critter filled carriage to find a ticket with a star on that would eventually get them to the special destination.

Joining them on the train were a number of huge snakes, spiders, rotting vegetables, flies and huge beetles.

The train stopped at Frightsbridge and Martin screamed at the flies that flew from a luggage box on the train before finding his ticket.


The train was at Edgware Toad before Ola found her star ticket hidden among scorpions. At Crockfosters Jordan found his ticket, then Carol discovered hers in a padlocked box.

The train reached its final destination and Jordan said: “When we first sat down I heard things coming and three or four snakes came in and Larry said don’t be scared the snakes need to be really big, cue the next snake – I didn’t know if I was on a train or at Jurassic Park.”

Meanwhile, waiting on the Critterdilly Line was Wayne, Scarlett, Adam, Sam and Joel. The train, driven by Kiosk Keith arrived and the celebrities boarded to search for their tickets among rotting offal, giant spiders, cockroaches and other jungle critters which made them all jump.

In the revolting carriage they all eventually managed to find their tickets, among much screaming, squealing and jumpy moments and joined the other group in the Jungle Arms for their snack treats, few drinks and their favourite tunes were played out.

The first group arrived at the Jungle Arms and snacked on cheese, crisps, nuts, hot chips with ketchup, glasses of prosecco, white wine, soft drinks and toasted each other.

Jordan relishing the snacks said: “People at home will not know how much this means to us. Makes you appreciate it. This was so worth it, I'm buzzing.”

Larry agreed: "I will never look at crisps again in the same way, if they put a steak dinner on here I would still prefer this."

The celebrities enjoyed the food, danced to their favourite tracks and agreed doing the challenge was worth the hell they went through to enjoy the party.

Once the music started from the Jungle jukebox the girls and Martin all got up to dance to Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, Scarlett soon dragged Adam up to join them.

Later in the evening Larry and Jordan left the others to it and retired to their hammocks.


Beyonce came on the Jungle jukebox and all the girls (Sam, Ola, Carol and Scarlett) got up to dance to ‘Crazy in Love’, the boys watched on with amusement.
The campmates were having such a good time they didn’t want to return to camp to go to sleep ahead of the third vote off.

They ended the evening all hugging each other and singing along to ‘Lean on Me’ by Bill Withers.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly on ITV.

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