I'm A Celebrity stars in shocking and controversial chat... over dunking Jammie Dodgers

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Talk in the I'm A Celebrity 2016 camp turned controversial tonight.

Well, controversial for this lot.

Martin and Scarlett were chatting to each other whilst relaxing on their hammocks when Martin asked: "What’s your favourite dunking biscuit?”

“Now…it all depends on the weather outside.” replied Scarlett. “The weather?!” reacted a puzzle Martin.

“Yes, if it’s really cold outside I’ll have a bourbon or a chocolate hobnob, something sturdy. If it’s alright outside I’ll probably have a milk chocolate digestive and if it’s really sunny I’ll have a custard cream.” explained Scarlett. "Never mind Brexit, it's alla bout discuit. I feel biscuits are one of the most important subjects to talk about."

“So it’s totally weather dependent?” said Martin. “Yeah!” said Scarlett.

Martin thought further and asked: “So, do you have a biscuit for snow?”

“Of course I do” said Scarlett, “Now this could get controversial but it’s a milk chocolate digestive with caramel.”

"That's a naughty little biscuit," commented Jordan.

“Is there any biscuit you wouldn’t dunk?” asked Martin. Jordan chipped in and said Jammie Dodger.

“Oh yeah, jammy dodgers, you can’t dunk them.” agreed Scarlett. “Why can't you dunk a Jammie Dodger?” asked Martin.

“Oh no.” said Scarlett. “Now that is controversial.” said Martin, who disagreed and took issue with Jordan's "Jamie Dogerism"

Jordan asked if anyone liked cherry bakewells. Larry and Scarlett both said yes.

However the biscuit controversy didn't end there with some viewers complaining about host Ant's biscuit eating etiquette during a subsequent skit.

"did Ant really just get a whole jammy dodger in his mouth?! Definitely at least a 4 mouthful biscuit #ImACeleb" one shocked fan remarked.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly on ITV.

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