I'm A Celebrity 2016: Sam Quek and Carol Vorderman go sky high as they ace trial


Sam Quek and Carol Vorderman aced their sky high trial on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here tonight.

Deciding between themselves who should do the vertiginous sounding trial called Hot 'Scair' Ballooning, Carol volunteered herself and Sam to hit the dizzying heights and hopefully win meals for camp.

“Two stars for us tonight,” Adam teased, Sam jumped up and threw herself at him to stop his provocation. All the other celebrities were shouting “Get him Sam!”

There were welcomed at the trials area by Ant and Dec and said they were chosen for “girl power”


The trial was described and the rules were read by the presenters: Sam and Carol had to begin the trial in a different balloon, and when the time started the balloons and the stars that are hung between them will slowly rise above the valley floor.

The balloons would stop three times on the way up and the celebrities had to swap the stars from one side to the other so that the red stars are next to the red balloon and the yellow stars next to the yellow balloon.

With Sam in the yellow balloon and Carol in the red, the balloons were raised up to ten meters. “This is what it must be like when Jordan looks down at us,” quipped Sam looking down at the jungle floor. They had ten minutes to swap all of their stars.


However in a twist, as the platform raised another few meters they lost part of their platform narrowing their path. Carol’s legs were shaking as she walked so close to the edge. “I’ve got my jelly legs back,” said Carol.

But the ex Countdown host battled through the nerves as she and Sam eventually returned to their baskets triumphant they had won ten meals for camp.

Although in one final nasty twist, the platform went from under Sam’s feet leaving her falling off hanging in the air and knocking Carol off her feet in her basket.

Ant quipped: “Well we said there would be a few surprises didn’t we!”

Sam enjoyed flying around shouting Ninja Warrior, Carol asked if she too could fly and jumped out of her basket whooping and congratulating each other.

“We did it Sam, we smashed it, and the girls are back in town. That was the best thing!” Enthused Carol. “Girl power, so happy, I loved that but my legs went again like jelly”

Ant told them they were more than 20 meters high at the end. “We will convert that to 200 feet when we talk to Adam,” said Carol.

“Are you going to exaggerate everything, you did it in six and a half minutes what are you going to say?” asked Ant. “Absolutely – we’ll say we did it in three minutes and it was 200 feet,” laughed Carol.

“Tell them whatever you want, we will back you up,” laughed Dec.


As the girls skipped back to camp full of joy, Sam slipped up and fell over and everyone laughed.

Returning to camp, the girls punched the air shouting girl power and determined to tease Adam. “We are really sorry, they put us 200 feet up on a plank and there was a massive issue and they had to stop the clock after three minutes,” said Carol back at camp.

“Because we got ten stars,” shouted Sam in delight.


“Three minutes in your face Adam, three minutes,” called Carol.

Said Adam in the Bush Telegraph: “The girls got ten and yes they came back gloating a little bit but if anyone was going to take my record it would be them two, I was joking when I said they would only get two stars. A little bit of me was hoping they would come back with eight or nine so I’d still be at the top but don’t tell the other campmates that because that would be really bad.”

I'm A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

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