I'm A Celebrity: Scarlett Moffatt, Martin Roberts miss out on biscuits in failed Dingo Dollar Challenge


Scarlett Moffatt and Martin Roberts were left empty-handed when the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! 2016 campmates failed a Dingo Dollar Challenge for the first time this series.

Yesterday Scarlett and Martin teamed up to try to win the group a treat, finding themselves at a long corridor - with the Dingo Dollars perched on a plinth at the end.

"I reckon I could just run through and grab the dollars and we could just go. No-one has to know Martin," Scarlett joked. "This is going to be the easiest Dingo Dollar Challenge in history!"

It wasn't that simple however, as a riddle explained: "You’ve found the temple’s hidden money, but getting out will not be funny. To complete the puzzles you must be clever, you don’t want to be trapped here forever."

First was a copper buzz wire, which Scarlett completed after several failed attempts by Martin.

They then had to duck under freezing cold and slimy water to reach a set of cogs, which would unlock a wall and let them through.

The pair successfully made it out of their prison - only to realise they'd left the Dingo Dollars behind. After Martin waded back through the foul water to retrieve the loot, they traded it for bourbon biscuits at the Outback Shack.

Back in camp, the rest of the celebs had to work out what percentage of British couples claimed their sex lives were better after having children.

They voted for the lower option, 46%, with Wayne Bridge reckoning that new parents "don’t get as much".

However, the correct answer was 57% - meaning there would be no tasty biscuits for the hungry campers. "No-one else has gone back empty-handed have they?" worried Scarlett.

Martin reminded her: ""It’s not our fault, it’s their fault."

I'm A Celebrity airs every night on ITV.

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