I'm A Celebrity 2016: Martin Roberts' wife speaks out over 'bullying' in camp


Martin Roberts' wife has spoken out about 'bullying' on I'm A Celebrity 2016.

Some of the celebs on this year's show have been accused of picking on the Homes Under The Hammer star after he joined the main camp a few days after launch last week.

Although others say their actions have been fully justified by Martin's own behaviour.

Martin's wife Kirsty has now spoken out adn admitted she was "worried" for her other half when he was reduced to tears last weekend.


"I was a little bit worried on Sunday when I saw him upset, but he’s a real people’s person, so he’ll fit in and he’ll get on. He won’t want conflict," Kirsty said.

She told The Sun newspaper: “Bullying is like a red rag to a bull to Martin. It’s a very raw nerve.“I think that’s probably why he reacted that way. He took it quite badly. He’s quite sensitive to it, he’s a sensitive soul.

“When I saw that happening and I saw him upset, I just wanted to crawl into the television.”

Meanwhile, the parents of Scarlett Moffatt have said she'd be "horrified" over the claims of bullying.

"As someone who has been bullied herself when she was younger, I think she would be absolutely mortified if she thought people were saying she was a bully," mum Betty told The Sun. "That really isn't the sort of person she is. When she comes out I think she'll be really upset by that and will feel really bad about it."

She added: "Personalities clash. You're not going to go in there and think everyone is going to be your sort of person. Scarlett isn't going to be everyone's person in there either."

Viewers have been split over the drama in camp, with one postig online: "I have to say as much as I dislike him, I didn't agree with Adam not giving Martin a piece of chocolate that was BULLYING! #ImACeleb"

im-a-celebrity-2016-caps-94 scarlett

But others hit back: "#ImACeleb Anyone defending Martin is not a good judge of character. He is horrible. Was not bullying - was payback. KNOW the difference!"

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