I'm A Celebrity 2016: Wayne Bridge and Adam Thomas win immunity!


Wayne Bridge and Adam Thomas have secured immunity for themselves from the first I'm A Celebrity 2016 results tonight.

This week the celebs have been split into Royals and Subjects with the Royals enjoying safety from tonight's first eviction.

So long as they can keep their thrones.

Yesterday, the public voted for Royals Wayne and Adam to defend their thrones, with the subjects deciding who should fight them for immunity.


The group put forward Scarlett Moffatt and Lisa Snowdon, who faced off against the boys in a new trial called Gates Of Hell.

Ant and Dec welcomed the four, alongside other reigning royals Ola Jordan and Sam Quek - to the trial area.

Dec introduced who the main camp had chosen to compete against them - Lisa and Scarlett. Lisa would be up against Adam “because I drew the short straw” she said and Scarlett got Wayne: “I thought Gates to Hell sounded like small spaces and both me and Wayne are petrified of little rooms.”


Ant and Dec outlined the trial - two head to head races where one royal and one subject are going to lie on carts in an old mine shaft and had to race to get to the end and ring a bell when they finished to either claim or retain a throne. However within the mine shaft there were three locked gates and the only way to open the gates was to retrieve a star inside a hell hole by each gate. And the four royals left at the end of this trial were immune from the first public vote.

The first race was Lisa vs Adam Lisa who went into the mine shaft - at the first hole each celebrity was covered in molasses then showered with giant mealworms and shielding the star were mud crabs with their powerful claws. Lisa dropped her star and had to shake off the vicious pincers, giving Adam the lead with the first star. The second hell hole was a green ant nest and each celebrity was rained on by 5,000 cockroaches. At the final hole each celebrity was showered on by 5,000 crickets. Adam was the fastest through meaning he kept his place on the throne and Lisa had to return to main camp.

“Adam you smashed it again, you’ve got immunity from the public vote and retained your place on the throne.”

With one more throne up to grabs Scarlett competed against Wayne through the same hellish gates but Wayne was just too quick for her and retained his royal status. “I’m not very fast am I and then I dropped a star but I tried my best.”

Relishing their position of immunity Adam and Wayne said they were most looking forward to the banquet. “Me and you have eaten the most out of everyone,” said the footballer. “You’ve eaten more than we’ve eaten on this series,” joked Ant.

Meanwhile, Scarlett covered in gunge: “When I was a kid, I used to love watching people on the TV get gunged and I thought that looks so much fun. Now I realise that it is not fun because I’m literally like a 5ft stick of candy rock."

“I’m gutted I didn’t get immunity because I don’t want to go just yet, I’m having a ball.” said Lisa who was also covered head to toe in gunge.


A victorious Wayne said “I’ve got immunity, a banquet and a hot shower, I’m happy.”

“People have tried to take my throne and I’ve beat them, King Adam lives on.” said Adam.

As a result, Adam, Ola, Sam and Wayne will be immune from the first vote off.

I'm A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

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