I'm A Celebrity 2016: Adam Thomas tricks Martin Roberts with Dingo Dollar reward

Royals share CHOCOLATE with their subjects following latest challenge

I'm A Celebrity 2016 contestants:  ADAM THOMAS

The starving I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! contestants had CHOCOLATE yesterday after the Royals won a Dingo Dollar Challenge - but Martin Roberts didn't get any, thanks to Adam Thomas!

As part of the 'Claim Of Thrones' twist, Adam, Sam Quek and Wayne Bridge are currently living it up in a luxury camp - with Ola Jordan joining them after the latest Bushtucker Trial.

Despite their status as royals, the foursome were drenched in stagnant water yesterday for a Dingo Dollar Challenge. Their task was to use tethered buckets to transfer the fluid from the swamp to an empty vessel.

"I remember in a Die Hard film they did something along these lines," laughed Wayne. "I bet people watching are thinking, 'It isn’t that hard', but I figured it out before the other Muppets!"

Wayne volunteered to enter the swamp and throw the stinking water - and took great joy in splashing Adam with it.

Eventually the foursome won their Dingo Dollars and spent them on chocolate at the Outback Shack.

Due to their status, the royals got the treat without having to answer one of Kiosk Keith's questions - although it was entirely up to them whether to share it with their subjects back at the main camp.

Sam persuaded her teammates to give the other celebs a square each.

However, as servant Martin previously doused Adam in water, the Emmerdale actor deviously decided to get his own back.

He and Wayne visited camp, giving the subjects their treats one at a time.

But when Martin's turn came, Adam held out the chocolate - only to snatch it back and eat it himself.

Fortunately, Martin saw the funny side and burst out laughing, as Adam exclaimed: "Told you payback was gonna be a bitch didn’t I!"

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