I'm A Celebrity 2016 stars show off their 'talents' in new task


The I'm A Celebrity contestants showed off their talents in a new task tonight.

Earlier this evening the camp was split in two after a new challenge which saw Martin, Adam, Wayne and Sam become Royals while the rest of the celebs became their subjects.

The celebrities decided that Danny, Ola, Scarlett and Joel would provide the entertainment for the royals and put on a fun filled show. Danny was master of ceremonies welcoming the royals to the show and describing the jungle as “Homebase with ticks!”

“We are going to have music and dancing and I’m going to introduce you to a great comedian.” Danny then sang a rousing rendition of Meet the Gang to get the party started.


He was cheered and clapped then introduced Joel “I’d like to introduce a young man making his way in the business, it’s a hard life in comedy and none harder than when you are struggling away at the bottom of the bill and no-one knows your name. I’d like to bring him out into the spotlight tonight, the topical humour and barbed jibes of Jungle Joel.

Joel had the royals laughing with his jokes opening with: “It’s a real pleasure to perform for your highnesses, the man from Homes Under the Hammer, an Olympian, a footballer and whatever it is that Adam does."

Finally the big finish was, as Danny described, two of the greatest dancers in the world. “I’d like to bring to you a brand new act, accompanied by my good self a brand new act who only put on their dance moves for you this evening, Danny and the Jungle Jivers.” Danny got everyone clapping as he sang Crash Bang Wallop and Scarlett and Ola danced together for the royal’s pleasure.

“That was outstanding, such professionals all of them,” said Martin. They all agreed to present the two celebrities – Carol and Jordan - with their luxury items. Adam said: “Joel had me in stitches, I could watch it all over again, they could go on tour that lot.”


Having entertained and cooked for the royals, Scarlett gathered the subjects around her in main camp as they had earnt two of their luxury items. “So there is some leg cream. That’s nice of them. They must have thought our entertainment was good. And for the person who has everything …”” and she handed Jordan a box with the words ‘’for the man who has everything’ written on it.

It was a letter from his father that he carried around with him for luck and served as his luxury item. “You guys must have smashed it. You guys are legends” he said as he hugged everyone in turn before sitting pensively clutching the precious box.

I'm A Celebrity 2016 continues nightly on ITV.

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