I'm A Celebrity 2016: Four celebs emerge victorious in first immunity challenge


Four of the I'm A Celebrity 2016 contestants have managed to Claim A Throne in the battle for eviction immunity.

Tonight saw all twelve celebs take part in a challenge to win four spots as Jungle Royals.

The group were first split into two teams by drawing sticks.

The first group – Team Yellow - arrived at the Bushtucker Trial Clearing.


Danny, Martin, Ola, Adam, Lisa and Joel were all told this game was called Vicious Circle and would be part of an ongoing challenge called Claim Of thrones which would be played out over the next few days.

Dec explained: “When Claim of Thrones ends, the reigning royals will be immune from the first public vote off. The other celebrities will become subjects. They will live in main camp surviving on rice and beans. The royals move to Snake Rock where they have comfortable beds, a warm shower, all the food won from the trials for at least the next 24 hours and potential immunity.”


Ant and Dec explained the rules of Vicious Circle. Each celebrity would be loaded into a black box which was sectioned off for their legs, torsos and heads. They would share the boxes with different kinds of jungle critters. After five minutes, they had to unscrew a wing nut that secured a box to release a ball which travelled down a pipe into a vault. The two celebrities that were first would claim a throne.

Mud crabs were put in the boxes by the celebrities’ feet. Next 300 cockroaches, 3000 Crickets and 1000 giant mealworms were put into the torso section of the box. Finally five jungle pythons were loaded into the head sections of the boxes, meaning the snakes slid over their faces and around their heads

After five minutes were up, the celebrities were given the signal to start undoing their wing nuts and release the balls.

Relieved, they got out of the boxes and awaited the results. First was Martin. “No way. That’s a turn up for the books” he said. And next to claim a throne was Adam.

The second Group of celebrities - Team Black – soon arrived in the clearing.

Ant explained: “Your aim is to join Adam and Martin on the thrones. If you do that you will become a royal which means you get to live in a luxury camp with comfy beds, a hot shower, and all the food won in trials for the next 24 hours at least.”

Once again, the five celebrities had to lie in the Vicious Circle boxes and endure the jungle critters.

After five minutes, they were able to start unscrewing their wing nuts – And Wayne and Sam were the fastest meaning that they were also made royals.

“This the first time my hand eye co-ordination came in handy” said Sam.


As a result, Adam, Martin, Sam and Wayne currently have immunity from the first eviction.

But the trial is not over just yet...

I'm A Celebrity 2016 continues nightly on ITV.

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