I'm A Celebrity 2016 contestants face 'Fright Night at the Museum'


All of the I'm A Celebrity 2016 contestants took part in a terrifying new challenge tonight.

Called 'Fright Night at the Museum', all the celebrities arrived at the Jungle museum and Martin read a message left for them.

The message said: “Celebrities, welcome to the Jungle Museum, here you have the chance to earn bonus Dingo Dollars to add to your camp cash account. Your challenge is to each endure 30 minutes as an exhibit in the museum, at some point during the challenge you may be joined by Jungle critters.”

“I don’t like normal museums, so I don’t think I’m going to like this one.” reacted Joel.


All the celebrities chose their places ready to start the challenge, putting their heads into clear boxes. Martin, Danny and Jordan got into an exhibit box together and Joel, Adam and Wayne got into a box together.

Larry joined all the ladies and they got into an exhibit box together.

“I love a bit of culture, but it’s not to be found here, I’m afraid this is torture, not culture.” quipped Larry.

“I’m a little bit scared to tell you the truth as I don’t know what to expect in there. Jordan’s scared of snakes, hopefully snakes will be in there as I want to see his face.” laughed Adam.


“I really don’t want a snake in my box, I’m not a fan of anything Jungle critter wise but cockroaches and snakes are a big no no.” said Jordan.

Adam was petrified and making noises before the challenge had even begun, Wayne found this hilarious.

Snakes soon joined Martin, Danny and Jordan, Jordan was absolutely petrified as snakes are his worst fear. Martin and Danny were trying to keep him positive as to win the challenge they couldn’t move for 30 minutes.

Joel, Adam and Wayne soon encountered rats, “this is my worst fear.” said Joel. Adam continued to make screaming noises but eventually calmed down as more rats joined them.

Larry and the ladies found themselves joined by critters and spiders which resulted in lots of screams and heads covered in Jungle creepy crawlies.

All of the celebrities managed to pass the challenge after 30 minutes and won 300 Dingo Dollars to be spent in camp – they were all over the moon and proud of themselves.

Scarlett and Joel collected a menu (on a large sandwich board) which listed various luxuries at different price points.

Example items included a SKYPE call home ($200), 10 minutes of music in camp ($80), a nail file ($50), beer ($30 each), coffee and milk ($20 each), luxury item ($75 each) or a swiss ball ($50).

The camp soon all started quickly discussing what would be the best items to get, they quickly ruled out the SKYPE chat as it was too expensive.

“The only thing I want is my luxury item but it’s too expensive so I’d be happy with a cup of tea.” said Joel.

“Well we don’t need music because we have Danny.” said Martin.

Wayne, Adam and Martin were keen on beer, gin and wine, Scarlett wanted tweezers and Lisa was keen on a swiss ball as she felt all the camp would get use of this.


Eventually they purchased;

Swiss ball
4 x red wine
1 x white wine
1 x beer
1 x G & T
1 x OJ
2 x Teabags

Since Jordan decided not to have his luxury item because it was too expensive he brooded in his hammock whilst the others waited for their treats.


He said to Scarlett “I want everyone here to have what they want, if it was something I needed, I would have said. It would be good to get a bunch of stuff for the camp and I’ve got a cup of tea anyway.”

“You’re too selfless.” said Scarlett. “Everyone here is selfless.” said Jordan.

The campmates that had a glass of wine went to bed after having a merry night. Scarlett said “I’ve loved being President, the eel was beautiful, I’m a changed person, I’ll eat anything now. We got wine, won the trial and got 12 stars, what a great day.”

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly on ITV.

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