I'm A Celebrity 2016: Scarlett Moffatt reveals her connection to ALIENS

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Scarlett Moffatt has revealed a surprising connection she has to aliens in a chat on I'm A Celebrity.

The revelation followed Lisa and Wayne's success in the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge, which entailed moving all the contents from Kiosk Keith’s house into a new abode for the ranger and his family - however every single item had to be placed precisely like for like.

Lisa said: “He’s upgrading, still in the neighbourhood and he’s kind of OCD and he wants his stuff exactly the same in his new pad as he had in his old pad so you might need to put some shelves up.”

The home was decorated retro style and all the tatty and grubby contents had to be moved up the steep hill to the new home. “Martin would hate this house but he’d love to work on it, he would have been the man for the job,” said Wayne.

Armed with their bag of swag Lisa and Wayne arrived at the Outback Shack and Lisa revealed to Keith that they’d been rummaging around in his underwear drawer. They chose the cupcakes over the crisps choice and Keith then called the camp with a spookily timed question...

The camp were in the middle of having a conversation about the possibility of extra-terrestrial life and whether they believed in ghosts and UFO’s when the phone rang. The question was what percentage of British adults said they believed in extra-terrestrial life - 41% or 52%?

Larry suggested they showed hands if they believed aliens existed and as 7 out of the 10 campmates agreed, they successfully guessed 52%.

The chat prompted Scarlett to reveal in the Bush Telegraph: “My middle name is actually Sigourney, I’m named after me Dad’s favourite movie which is Alien, named after the actress Sigourney Weaver who gives birth to an alien, I was born to believe in aliens really.”

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