I'm A Celebrity 2016: Adam Thomas conquers spider phobia (sort of) in latest trial


Adam Thomas conquered his fear of spiders in tonight's latest I'm A Celebrity 2016 trial.

Adam was voted by the public to do the Bushtucker Trial today called the Bushtucker Food Factory.

“As long as there’s no spiders involved and I don’t have to pick up a spider this trial’s me” said Adam before heading off to meet Ant and Dec.

Meeting the pair at the trial clearing, Adam said “I don’t know what to expect. It’s got food in there I know that I knew that much. I’m a little bit nervous now I’m on my own. Hopefully I’m going to go back with 12 stars. We haven’t had 12 stars yet as well.


“No screaming. I’m going to man up on this one. I’m not going to scream. I’m not going to cry. I’m going to be a man” .

Ant and Dec asked him why he thought the public had voted for him. “Because they love me” he suggested hopefully. “They probably want to see me cry like a baby. I don’t know what to expect here”” he continued.

Ant and Dec explained: “Behind you is the Bushtucker Food Factory and it is an awful place to work. Your job today is to make your way through the factor finding the 12 stars that are hidden there. You have 12 minutes to do it.”


“There will be some surprises along the way” they added.

Adam made his way into the building, an abandoned Bushtucker food factory. His first star was hidden in a tank of rancid water and rotting vegetables. Further stars were hidden amongst a tank of rats and in a chest of drawers containing a box full of spiders.

He then had to crawl through a tunnel into the next room.

The second room had holes in its wall. Adam had to put his hands in the hole to retrieve the next stars. The first contained scorpions, but there was no star; next there was a mud crab but again there was no star. The third contained beach worms and a star which he had to screw off a thread.

He then had to rummage through three barrels, containing guts and offal, corn-starch and flour and mealworms, finding two more stars.

He scrambled through the next tunnel which contained molasses and turkey feathers as he found another star. And then clambered into a chest of ice to get another.

He opened the door to the next room and had to reach up to find a star. He was covered in cockroaches as the insects rained down on him.

The final room was pitch black where Adam had to feel his way through pig carcasses and feel through fish guts and green ants on a moving conveyor belt. He retrieved another star.

As his time was up, the door was opened and Adam made his escape.

“You got me good boys. Them spiders. You knew what you’re doing there. I think I did alright. As well as I could have done," Adam said with 11 stars out of a possible 12.


Adam returned to camp and pretended that he hadn’t done well. “I wasn’t too sure how I was going to tell the rest of the camp but yea I just tried to turn on the waterworks a bit.”

Scarlett said “I’m so chuffed for Adam. He is a bit scared for some stuff but he is a big strapping lad, You know what I mean. We all know. No one doubted him for a minute that he wasn’t going to come back here with loads of stars. We all knew that he would.”

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly on ITV.

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