I'm A Celebrity 2016 stars under attack from blood sucking leeches


As if the snakes, spiders and ants weren't enough, the I'm A Celebrity 2016 contestants now have something new to fear.

And they're blood sucking leeches which are attacking their belly buttons.

The celebrities on this year's cast have been warned to watch out for the slimy creatures, which may also hide in their socks and underwear.

The ladies of the camp are said to be particularly at risk, with I'm A Celebrity's medic Dr Bob telling The Sun newspaper: “They are attracted to the time of the month and they’re attracted to heat.

"If it’s the time of the month they will seek out the nearest blood supply. We get camera crew finding them in their belly buttons.”

He added: “What they like to do on the celebrities is crawl into their socks and they do not even know it. If they walk in the rain they need to check themselves. In the first aid kit they have their own vinegar spray. Once you spray it they die.”

The threat of bloodsucking leeches follows the campmates experiencing a near miss with a dangerous snake.

Chatting on ITV2's Extra Camp over the weekend, Bob spilled: “A lot of the crew don’t even know this, but yesterday when half of the celeb team left their jacuzzi, we actually found a brown tree snake, which is venomous, in that part of the camp. We removed it about 30 minutes after they left.”

He added: “It’s enough to put you in a hospital, it’s not a deadly one, but we’ve found plenty of deadly ones in the last week too.”

I'm A Celebrity 2016 continues nightly on ITV.

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