I'm A Celebrity 2016: Martin Roberts clashes with President Scarlett Moffatt over chores

Property guru accused of ignoring Gogglebox star's orders


Martin Roberts has sparked another argument on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! by failing to obey Camp President Scarlett Moffatt's orders.

The campmates had only just got over Martin's row with Danny Baker over gloating in the Hungry Games challenge.

But there was more tension after last night's dinner, when Carol Vorderman informed maintenance man Adam Thomas that the water supply needed topping up.

As President, Scarlett has to oversee the chores, as the group receives 10 Dingo Dollars if they're done correctly - so she asked Adam's partner Martin to help him.

However, he appeared to ignore Scarlett's request, angering Danny.

"It’s a case of prioritising, I was trying to get the fire going so that the water…" Martin explained.

"She’s the President. Whatever she says to do, you do it," Danny snapped. "You always answer her back like she’s some silly kid and she isn't."

"No, I don’t," Martin insisted.

"Yes you do, every single time mate," Danny hit back. "She shouldn’t need me to step in but you do it too often. If she tells you to run down there, then you run down there, alright?"

Scarlett joined in, telling the Homes Under The Hammer presenter: "There is only so many times I can ask you politely."

"I didn’t realise I wasn’t doing my bit," he claimed. "Wow, okay, I shall make amends."

Without any further fuss, Martin set off with Adam for the water refill - but on his return to camp he broke down in tears, claiming Danny "has it in for" him.

"Danny was sticking up for me. My job is to make sure everyone else is doing their jobs," Scarlett explained.

"Everyone else 100% gets stuck in, but I’ve asked you over 20 times and you just haven’t. Then as soon as one of the guys asks, you do it."

"I wasn’t aware I was ignoring your requests, I apologise," Martin sniffed. "Tomorrow’s a new day you won’t have to ask me twice to do anything."

Scarlett previously had a disagreement with Martin during the gloating row, accusing him of putting words in her mouth.

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