I'm A Celebrity 2016: Scarlett Moffatt in TEARS as blue team turns on Martin Roberts

TV presenter seen as a sore loser after row with Danny Baker


The I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! blue team distanced itself from Martin Roberts after he accused Danny Baker of gloating in a major argument - which left Scarlett Moffatt in tears.

Tensions flared following last night's live Bushtucker Trial, which saw the yellow team from the 'Hungry Games' score a six-nil win over their blue rivals.

The yellows were accused of boasting about their victory - particularly Danny, who ended up in a row with fellow newbie Martin.

However, after the yellows left camp to enjoy their trip to the Jungle Spa, the blues turned on Martin - suggesting he had acted like a sore loser.

Scarlett began to cry over the drama. "I just feel all week it’s been such an experience, and all of a sudden it's like…" she sniffed. "I’m tired, I just don’t want it to be awkward."

Larry Lamb attempted to cheer her up by inviting her to sit on his lap on the Presidential Throne.

"It’s been fun and now all of a sudden, cause of a stupid game that doesn’t matter, people start to argue," Scarlett continued.

Meanwhile, Martin defended himself. "It wasn’t an argument, I wasn’t trying to upset Danny, I was just suggesting sensitivity," he insisted.

When Larry asked if he always acted like that after losing a contest, the property guru continued: "No, I don’t care if we lose, I feel responsible for the team morale but also that the other team upset my team by being insensitive."

In the Bush Telegraph, Joel Dommett described Martin as "passive aggressive".

"You can see he’s angry about stuff, but he has a really smiley head about it and it feels condescending," the comedian observed.

Martin had a one-on-one chat with Scarlett - but his attempt to clear the air appeared to fail.

"I just thought that he was being insensitive, just remember how you were when we came out," Martin said.

"I was angry at myself," replied the Gogglebox star.

"No you weren’t, you were angry they were gloating, you were furious and I took that on board," claimed Martin.

Scarlett hit back at him for 'putting words in her mouth': "If I was upset with Adam or Danny, I’d have said. You don’t need to speak on my behalf."

"I was only going on what I thought people were feeling," Martin said.

Later, Martin protested his innocence in the Bush Telegraph. "Scarlett was one of the ones who was most upset, she’s forgot pretty quickly," he commented.

"I feel like it really turned round on me and backfired, I was suddenly seen to be someone who was causing a fracas."

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