I'm A Celebrity 2016: Blue team showered in FISH GUTS at the Rancid Retreat

Hungry Games losers win five meals as consolation prize


The Martin Roberts-captained blue team won five meals when they checked in to the Rancid Retreat on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

In last night's live Bushtucker Trial - the final part of the 'Hungry Games' twist - the blues suffered a crushing six-nil defeat.

This meant that while the yellow team enjoyed a trip to the luxury Jungle Spa, the blues faced a forfeit at a more terrifying facility - the Rancid Retreat.

A message explained that they could still earn their usual jungle food by enduring a 30-minute stay at the retreat. Each star they collected along the way would be worth one meal for camp.

Martin, who faced criticism following a huge row with Danny Baker, tried to look on the bright side.

"It’s not been a good day in the whole scheme of things, we've not won too many things," he commented.

"But this is our chance for redemption, a chance to win some food for tonight, and that’s what we need."

Meanwhile, Joel Dommett joked: "When I was 14, it would have been an absolute dream to be in a spa with Lisa Snowdon... but I didn’t think Larry Lamb would be there also!"

As the celebs climbed in to the jacuzzi, they were horrified to see the water change colour.

"Why’s it gone green?!" shrieked Scarlett Moffatt.

Soon enough, jungle nasties rained down from above - including fish guts, cockroaches and worms.

Each drop came with a star for them to find - and by the end they'd recovered five out of a possible six.

Larry Lamb reacted: "Rancid it was, absolutely rank. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced something quite so disgusting in all my life."

I'm A Celebrity continues tomorrow night at 9.00pm on ITV with another Bushtucker Trial.

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