I'm A Celebrity 2016 celebrities sent to 'rancid retreat' after vomit inducing live trial


The I'm A Celebrity 2016 celebrities went head to head in a live bushtucker trial tonight.

It was the end of a 24 hour long task called 'The Hungry Games' that began yesterday when new entrants Martin Roberts and Danny Baker joined the camp and were each asked to pick a first teammate.

Martin chose Olympian Sam Quek while Danny selected TV host Carol Vorderman.

The four piece then faced the first of The Hungry Games trials: The Rank Tank. However they weren't paying for food, rather for more team mates. The winner of each round got first pick of which celeb to add to their team.


At the end of the task, the teams were:

Martin (blue team captain) – Sam, Joel, Scarlett, Larry and Lisa
Danny (yellow team captain) – Carol, Wayne, Jordan, Ola and Adam


The newly formed two teams then played the second part of The Hungry Games, 'To Catch A Falling Critter'. Adam, Jordan, Ola and Wayne took part for the yellow team and Lisa, Scarlett, Larry and Joel for the blue team.

As the game ended it was revealed the yellow team were victorious winning the camp’s evening meal whilst the blue team had to survive on rice and beans.

This evening saw a LIVE trial as the two teams went head to head, starting with a series of one-on-one challenges.

First up was Larry v Jordan who had to collect six stars from tubs - full of slime, critters and crabs - using their mouth. The winner was Jordan.

Scarlett v Ola were next and they had to use their mouths to transfer liquid fish guts from one glass to another. The winner was Ola.

Third up was Joel v Wayne, who had to eat critters including roaches and worms in the fastest time. The winner was Wayne.

Lisa v Carol were fourth to do battle, faced with three drinks to down. The winner was Carol.

The fifth battle was between Sam and Adam. They had to use their mouth to transfer pig innards between two bowls. Adam won.

With yellow team winning all 5 challenges, it gave them a 5 second advantage in the final challenge between team captains Danny and Martin. The pair had to unscrew a star in a box full of snakes, again using only their mouths.


Despite the advantage Danny had, it was VERY close result but he did eventually win for his team.

Therefore the yellow team will spend time in a luxury spa whilst the losing blue team will get to spend time in the ‘rancid retreat’.

I'm A Celebrity 2016 continues nightly on ITV.

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