I'm A Celebrity 2016 cast split in half for 'The Hungry Games'


The I'm A Celebrity contestants went head to head in 'The Hungry Games' this week.

Yesterday, new entrants Martin Roberts and Danny Baker joined the camp and were each asked to pick a first teammate.

Martin chose Olympian Sam Quek while Danny selected TV host Carol Vorderman.

The four piece then faced the first of The Hungry Games trials: The Rank Tank.


“Danny and Martin, you are now team captains and Carol/Sam are your first team members, for the next 24 hours your teams are going head to head in The Hungry Games.” said Dec.

Ant explained: "You’ll go head to head in four unique battles and for the duration of the trial you’ll be stood in water tanks – however, this trial is not about winning food, it’s about winning teammates."

“The winner of each battle gets first pick of campmates to join their team.” said announced.


“Then this afternoon, those two teams will go head to head in the second part of The Hungry Games to win food and only the winning team will eat tonight.” added Ant.

The four celebs faced dancing in tanks of eels, yabbies and crabs while they to complete various tasks in 'hell holes', involving sitcking their hands in tanks full of cockroaches, spiders, crickets and ants.

Martin got first pick of the remaining campmates to join his team and he and Sam picked Joel. Danny and Carol chose Wayne.

Danny & Carol won third second round and chose Jordan whilst Martin & Sam chose Scarlett.

Danny & Carol also won the third round and chose Ola and Martin & Sam chose Larry.

And Danny & Carol wet on to win the fourth and final the battle, choosing Adam for their team whilst Martin & Sam chose Lisa.

This meant the teams were;

Martin (blue team captain) – Sam, Joel, Scarlett, Larry and Lisa
Danny (yellow team captain) – Carol, Wayne, Jordan, Ola and Adam

The newly formed two teams played the second part of The Hungry Games. Adam, Jordan, Ola and Wayne for the yellow team and Lisa, Scarlett, Larry and Joel for the blue team.

Scarlett read out the game instructions to the team: “Celebrities – The Hungry Games continue, it’s time to get your hands on some Jungle critters as you go head to head in the second part of today’s trial – ‘to catch a falling critter’. The winning team will eat this evening, the losing team will get basic rations.”

She continued: “Two members of each team will sit in the upper box and they must catch the critters that join them and pass down the pipes to their teammates in the lower box – who in turn must put them into a critter collector in front of them. The winners are the team whose critter collector weighs the most at the end of the trial.”


As the game ended it was revealed the yellow team were victorious winning the camp’s evening meal whilst the blue team would have to survive on rice and beans.

Meanwhile, the yellow team enjoyed an evening meal that consisted of Emu rump, sunflower sprouts, king oyster mushrooms, wild garlic flowers, parsnip and pineapple for dessert.

In tonight's show, both teams will play against each other in the grand final live trial of The Hungry Games. The winning team will win time in a luxury spa whilst the losing team will get to spend time in the ‘rancid retreat’.

I'm A Celebrity 2016 continues nightly on ITV.

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