Adam Thomas loses it in a room full of spiders on I'm A Celebrity 2016

Adam Thomas I'm A Celebrity

Four of the I'm A Celebrity 2016 guys were left stranded in the latest bushtucker trial task tonight.

Adam Thomas, Jordan Banjo, Wayne Bridge and Joel Dommett were voted to take part in the task by viewers.

Larry Lamb read out instructions which explained that at five different points throughout the night, the stranded campmates would send back a word to camp by morse code.

“It's basically like texting. Morse code is like texting but olden day texting," Scarlett Moffatt helpfully chimed in.

A receiving station was set up next to the Jungle shower which was to be manned in pairs throughout the night. The pairs had to listen to the morse code and decipher what the others were trying to communicate to them.

Joel and Adam had arrived in an abandoned Bushman’s Lodge. Adam looked petrified and confessed: “I’m absolutely terrified. The most terrified I’ve ever been."

With spiders scaring the pants off of Adam, Joel read out their instructions.

They had five minutes to receive and decipher a word and then another five minutes to send it to camp.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Wayne scrambled through the Jungle and came upon a signal light. They had to signal the word to Joel and Adam in the hut, who had to pass it on to camp.


“You could not have picked two worse people to be standing here with a giant lamp in a Jungle trying to send morse code. We’ve really got a slim chance. I just want everyone to be aware that there’s a slim chance” said Jordan.

The first word came up which was ‘Ranger’. Joel and Adam had no idea what it was so guessed ‘Dunny’ which is what they transmitted back to camp. Carol and Ola who were on duty, picked up the message and correctly translated the transmitted word – but it was the incorrect answer.

The next word was ‘Outback’. In camp, Sam and Scarlett were on duty and said that the transmitted word was ‘Busy’ – an incorrect answer.

Meanwhile, Joel was beginning to get annoyed with Adam who by now was crying in fear of the spiders.

Next up, Wayne and Jordan signalled the word ‘Kangaroo’. As more cockroaches and spiders invaded the hut, Adam and Joel managed to transmit it back to camp where Lisa and Larry translated it correctly.

The penultimate word was ‘Didgeridoo’. “You are having a laugh?” commented Jordan. “That shouldn’t even be around that word” said Wayne.

Adam was hysterical by now as a spider jumped at him. “Oh my god, it jumped bro. It totally jumped” he exclaimed.

Adam’s histrionics had annoyed Joel who was trying to get on with the challenge. “I’ve never seen you like that before” said Adam to Joel. “I’ve never seen me like that before” Joel replied. “It scared me. You said you didn’t get argumentative” said Adam.

In camp, Sam and Scarlett got the word but spelt it incorrectly so again a wrong answer.

“If we had google, it would have helped a lot in this endeavour” quipped Joel.

The final word was ‘Platypus’ and with all of the teams knowing a bit more about what they were doing, Lisa and Larry translated it correctly.

With a total of 2 of 5 words translated, the group won a total of 4 stars for camp.

But the lads' night of torment wasn’t over yet. They had to set up camp on the Jungle floor before returning to camp in the morning. “I’ve gone from one trial to another” said Adam before safely tucking himself up between the other boys and out of harm’s way.

Adam Thomas I'm A Celebrity

The next day, Adam was forlorn. “I’m a broken man. It was a tough night. I’m not going to lie. One of the toughest. I was a bit of a mess, embarrassing but it is what it is.”

As Larry greeted him, Adam confessed “I cried Larry. I was a mess.”

Scarlett said “Poor Adam. I literally want to cuddle him. He looks so tired bless him.”

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! airs nightly on ITV with the next show on Thursday at 9PM.

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