I'm A Celebrity 2016: 'Tomb of Torment' Bushtucker Trial reduces Scarlett Moffatt to tears

Gogglebox star endured most bugs EVER to help win ten stars


Scarlett Moffatt burst in to tears as she entered the Tomb of Torment for the first I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Bushtucker Trial - but eventually helped her team win ten meals.

As they lost the Saviours Challenges, Scarlett, Jordan Banjo, Ola Jordan and Sam Quek had to face a freaky forfeit.

"You’re going to be locked underground in a cramp pitch black tomb for 10 minutes, as 10 stars are on offer," hosts Ant and Dec explained.

"Every star you get is worth a meal in camp. However, as it’s a Bushtucker Trial you won’t be in there alone."


Dec struggled to contain his glee as it was revealed they'd encounter the most bugs ever in a single I'm A Celebrity trial - over 120,000.

"You can both stop smiling, you’re not making it better," Jordan laughed.

Scarlett was the most terrified of the foursome, and started crying as she walked in to the Tomb.

"I hate small confined spaces, this is my worst nightmare," she sniffed. "I’m so pleased you are all here, I couldn’t do it without you."

Once inside, the campers lay down in a cage - and quickly began screaming as they were covered in cockroaches, giant meal worms, rats, crickets and spiders.

"There’s a rat up my a**e," shrieked Jordan, and Scarlett babbled: "I wanna get out of here. No, I don’t, I promise I won’t leave."


Sam tried to distract the group by starting a Spice Girls singalong, but was interrupted: "Oh God, something’s biting me!"

Ten torturous minutes later, they escaped the chamber triumphant, with the full ten meals to take back to camp.

Jordan complained about the smell, while Sam toasted their success: "Do you know what, we were the failure foursome - now we’re the formidable foursome."

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