I'm A Celebrity's camp is hiding a dark and tragic secret

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I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here's camp is preparing to welcome some new celebs but the location is hiding a rather sad secret.

The show is filmed close to the Purling Brook Falls at Springbrook, a picturesque area that has a rather notorious reputation locally.

The cascading waterfalls are said to be the scene of numerous deaths and are apparently known as 'Australia's most popular suicide spot', the Daily Mirror reports.

But it's not just people taking their own lives, with tourists said to have fallen victim to the wild and dangerous surroundings.

Local authorities have installed fencing and CCTV cameras in a bid to reduce casualties but say there is little more that can be done to prevent further tragedies due to the rural location.

A local MP said: "Unless you put up a 20-foot high cyclone wire fence, there’s no way you’re going to stop people from doing it. Policing up there has always been a big issue."

They added, in traditionally blunt Aussie fashion: "People do look out for each other but I guess we can’t really do much about people deciding at 10 o’clock at night that they want to drive up to Springbrook and leap off Purling Brook."

Meanwhile, in rather different news from the celebrity camp down under, it's been claimed that packs of feral wild dogs are on the loose in the area and on the attack.

Locals are said to be "going hard" with traps to stop the 10-strong group of canines, who have already attacked pets and livestock.

And we thought it was just the snakes and spiders the celebs had to fear...

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