Comedian John Cleese turned down £200,000 to appear in I'm A Celebrity

John Cleese

Star of Monty Python John Cleese has revealed ITV bosses offered him £200,000 to appear on last year's I'm A Celebrity. Writing in the Sunday Mercury, the Fawlty Towers comic said he immediately turned down the offer, adding that he would never take in such reality television shows.

"I was asked to do a reality show a few months ago. I forget which, it might have been the jungle one or perhaps Celebrity Root Canal!" Cleese joked. "I just laughed, then asked how much they were offering out of curiosity. It was £200,000 but I would never agree to one of those shows. That would mean the collapse of western civilisation.

“When I was growing up, we had the best television in the world. Now it’s as bad as it is everywhere else, and I don’t particularly want to participate in that."

The 71-year-old telly legend added: “I don’t really watch TV these days, except live sport. There’s nothing much that appeals to me – I would rather read a book.’’

Last year's I'm A Celebrity was eventually won by X Factor contestant Stacey Solomon.