I'm A Celebrity 2015: Lady C snaps at "TOSSERS" Jorgie, Tony in HUGE hotel strike row

lady c

It all KICKED OFF in the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! camp yesterday when Chris Eubank, Lady Colin Campbell and Kieron Dyer hit out at Jorgie Porter and Tony Hadley for refusing to be their staff at the jungle hotel.

Previously the trio won the top prize in the Bad Reception challenge, checking in to a hotel room for a slap-up meal and proper bed.

However, part of the reward involved them picking staff members - and Tony was quick to initiate a strike after he and Jorgie were named the chambermaid and bell boy respectively.

The mood in camp went dark as soon as the guests returned the next morning, when Lady C announced that they wouldn't share the story of their break with anyone that supported Jorgie and Tony.

"Well that’s all of us so keep your mouth shut," snapped Duncan Bannatyne. "All nine of us are 100% together so forget it."

Ferne McCann asked about their decision to pick Jorgie and Tony, with Kieron explaining that it was down to them complaining about not having enough to do.

"There was no malice in our decision," insisted Kieron. "Maybe there was malice in your decision because you didn’t know if there were repercussions. I bet if Susannah, Yvette and Tony won the thing, someone would be going over there to be bellboy and chambermaid."

Lady C then proclaimed the rest of the campmates to be "tossers, the whole lot of you", earning her an earful from her rival Brian Friedman.

"Who the hell are you to speak," her fumed. "You have verbal diarrhoea, you are so full of s**t that if you ever took an enema you would disappear off the face of the earth!

Turning her attention to the dancer, Lady C responded: "Be careful who you take on, baby boy. Some people actually have sharper tongues than you, self-important little runt. Desperate for attention and can’t get any."

Yvette Fielding insisted that the celebrities are still a team, even though Lady C thought otherwise - before Tony finally delivered his two pence.

"We’ve paid you the utmost respect, we tried to help you from the moment you got into this camp," he told the aristocrat. "For you to start telling us we’ve not been respectful to you or tried to help you is an out-and-out lie and I’m not having it."

Brian begun to back the Spandau Ballet singer up - but Lady C stopped him after just a few words: "Shut up and let someone talk! You are always shooting off your goddamn motor mouth!"

The more calm and collected Chris went on to say that he would happily have served at the hotel if the tables had been turned.

"You wouldn’t know unless you were in that position," answered Brian.

"I’ve been in that position," said the boxer. "I’ve had people hitting me and I don’t take it personally."

The argument didn't end there, as the camp proceeded to turn on Lady C - while Kieron later tried to QUIT the show after being attacked for speaking to the 66-year-old.

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