Karl Pilkington reveals he turned down I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington has revealed he turned down I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

The total legend - who recently wrapped up a second series of The Moaning Of Life on Sky - confirmed previous rumours linking him to the jungle reality show.

In a chat about the ITV series, Karl compared being invited to take part to getting a nuisance phone call.

"It's like asking someone if they've ever had a call about getting there PPI back," he quipped. " I think everyone has been asked haven't by now haven't they?

"Maybe it would have been flattering to be asked on the first series of something, but now it's been running for so long they've used up all the good stuff.

"It the same problem with the Queen handing out OBEs, she'll be giving them to the cast of Made in Chelsea soon."

Speaking to DigitalSpy, former radio producer Karl went on to suggest he could be quite happily take to life in the I'm A Celeb camp with its creep crawlies and strange animals.

The fan of grubs explained: "I'll ever get bored with stuff that's out there. I was watching that Chris Packham, and he did a bit about this massive glowing thing in the sea. It was well weird. It was like something had decided to camouflage itself as a 30ft carrier bag. I suppose seeing as the sea is getting full of them, nature might imitate them might they."

I'm A Celebrity is currently on nightly on ITV.