I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2014: Edwina Currie clashes with Kendra Wilkinson

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Edwina Currie clashed with Kendra Wilkinson on tonight's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2014... not that the Playboy model knew about it.

Former MP Edwina took some quiet time and sat by herself on the sofa on the platform overlooking camp, narrating the antics of the other celebs.

Talking to herself, Edwina said as she listened on Kendra speaking to the other celebs: “Do you think Kendra knows a way of starting a sentence other than ‘I’. What a dork. I wouldn’t give her the time of day . . . Not my problem.

“I must smile more. My grim disapproval is too bloody obvious.”

In camp, Kendra was saying: “ . . . Because we’re all wondering like, what it’s going to be like for each other, and how it’s going to be, what the feeling was like... “

Edwina complained to herself: “Why don’t you stop saying ‘like’ and just pause for thought. Why don’t you just like stop saying like and just like pause for thought mmm? I find that young woman so bloody irritating.”

Kendra went on with her story: “And like I feel so much, like, I’ve overcome so many fears by being here, you know and I feel like I can go home like and just be stronger. I want to enter my 30s like this you know . . . “

“No I don’t know dear” Edwina snapped to herself.

Kendra then said she wanted to shower but wanted to get some sun too, with Edwina reacting: “Kendra go and have a shower you idiot”

Kendra continued: “Even though it’s so stupid and cockroaches and sh*t l was like ‘Oh God, I swear to God’, I just like strangled myself with that and I just lay there and just tried to focus . . . “

Edwina commented: "I don’t think you were afraid at all last night. I think that it was all show. Anybody that afraid would have struggled to do the job. She did it better than I did. Which is saying something. I don’t think Kendra knows who Kendra is.”

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