I'm A Celebrity 2014: Wombats facing elimination after Galahs win immunity

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The Galahs have beat the Wombats to win the final part of the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! 'Two Tribes' challenge, gaining them the coveted prize of immunity from the first elimination.

Over the past few days, the celebs have split in to two groups, competing against each other in an attempt to steal members of their rival team.

After three challenges, Edwina Currie, Kendra Wilkinson, Jake Quickenden, Michael Buerk, Nadia Forde and Vicki Michelle were in the 'Galahs' tribe, while Carl Fogarty, Jimmy Bullard, Melanie Sykes and Tinchy Stryder made up the 'Wombats'.

Yesterday, the teams faced the deciding round, 'Terror Tombs'. They were taken to separate locations containing identical tombs, and over three rounds, they chose some of their members to be locked in coffins - alongside jungle nasties.

After fifteen minutes, keys dropped in to the coffins, and each celeb had to use their key to open a hidden lock and release themselves.

The first person to escape in each round would win it for their tribe, and the tribe that took the most rounds would receive the immunity.

In round one, Michael, Nadia and Vicki played for the Galahs, while Melanie and Jimmy represented the Wombats - and they were all joined by rats.

Jimmy was unable to cope with the rodents and asked to be let out, with Mel following suit when she was left unable to find her key. Meanwhile a collected Nadia was successful in freeing herself, putting the Galahs ahead one-nil.

Round two saw the Galahs' Kendra and Edwina go up against Wombat Tinchy - with cockroaches, crickets and mealworms as their companions.

A typically squeamish Kendra was initially reluctant to get in to her tomb - and once she did, she was desperate to get out. But just as she was about to quit, the keys dropped - and she soon became the first person out, giving the Galahs the two-nil majority they needed to win.

Finally, it was Jake versus Foggy once more in what was their second clash of the day, after they completed a Bushtucker Trial.

This pair entered their tombs unaware the result had already been determined - but Jake still escaped first, gave the Galahs a resounding three-nil victory.

At the end of tonight's show, hosts Ant and Dec entered camp to officially declare the Galahs exempt from elimination - leaving Foggy, Jimmy, Melanie and Tinchy in danger of becoming the first campmate to be voted out of this year's series.

Viewers can now vote for the stars they want to save, and the person with the least votes will be kicked out in tomorrow's episode, which airs at 8.30pm on ITV.