I'm A Celebrity 2014: Galahs steal Michael Buerk after immunity challenge triumph

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The girls won the second round of this year's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! immunity battle after Vicki Michelle nailed another tie-breaker question.

Previously, the campmates were split in to two 'tribes' by gender, before competing in the first of three challenges.

Jake triumphed for the boys' 'Wombats' tribe, and was therefore able to steal one member of the girls' 'Galahs' tribe, choosing Melanie Sykes.

The side that has the most members will have an advantage going in to the fourth and final challenge, the winners of which will be made exempt from the first elimination vote.

Yesterday, Jimmy Bullard, Michael Burke, Vicki Michelle and Nadia Forde were chosen to face challenge two. Each of them had to sit in a box, and it was their job to prevent two clocks behind them from hitting a mark at the top.

To make their task harder, every time a light in front of them came on, the foursome had to hold up coloured paddles - and whoever did it quickest saved themselves and their teammate from receiving a shock.

Only a few moments passed before Nadia dropped out, and Jimmy took the opportunity to taunt Vicki in an attempt to put her off.

"Remember Vic. Professional athlete, fifteen years, centre mid field, undefeatable," he jibed. "What was you in again? Never heard of it?"

But the 'Allo 'Allo actress had the last laugh after the challenge came down to a tie-breaker for the second time. When the remaining three were asked how long the game had lasted, Vicki came closest, securing victory for the Galahs.

Later, the girls had to decide who they would steal from their rivals, with Kendra Wilkinson urging them to pick Jimmy.

However, thinking tactically, Vicki said: "If we take Jimmy onto our side and we lose, Jimmy’s definitely not going to be voted out."

Michael Buerk was then debated, but Edwina Currie asked: "Are you sure you want three people over 60 in one team?"

Eventually, they agreed on Michael, meaning the teams currently stand as follows:

Wombats: Carl 'Foggy' Fogarty', Jake Quickenden, Jimmy, Tinchy Stryder, Melanie Sykes
Galahs: Edwina, Kendra, Michael, Nadia, Vicki

The third 'two tribes' challenge will be featured in tomorrow night's episode of the show.