I'm A Celebrity 2014: Jimmy Bullard joins CIA for Dingo Dollar sabotage

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Jimmy Bullard helped Jake Quickenden and Edwina Currie hijack a Dingo Dollar challenge on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! after joining the 'Celebrity Intelligence Agency'.

Newcomers Jake and Edwina became the founding members of the CIA ahead of their arrival, and were told they'd win care packages if they could carry out secret missions.

Following their first assignment - which involved them claiming two of the beds in camp - the pair were asked to pick a third star to join their team, and they settled on Jimmy.

"The way we decided on Jimmy was to think of the most devious person," explained Edwina. "Since the CIA involves deception at each stage it needed to be somebody who has status in the camp and is admired by all the others, so if he says something that is completely off he will be believed."

Now a trio, the CIA's next job was to ensure the group failed the second Dingo Dollar challenge in return for more care packages.

As Michael Buerk, Tinchy Stryder and Vicki Michelle waited in chambers, the rest of the campmates were asked a series of questions. For each incorrect answer, one of the boxes would be filled with creepy crawlies.

The first question - 'Which solo artist has sold the most records worldwide?' - was for Tinchy, and Jake successfully submitted Michael Jackson as a wrong answer.

As the rapper got used to the critters, 'What part of their body do dogs sweat through?' was asked for Vicki - and Jimmy managed to fool everyone in to thinking 'tongue' was right, resulting in hundreds of cockroaches being poured over the 'Allo Allo' actress.

Finally, Michael's fate rested on the teaser 'Which British Prime Minister spent the longest time in office since 1960?' - but his confidence in choosing a politics question with Edwina Currie on standby proved to be misplaced when the ex-Conservative MP incorrectly answered Tony Blair.

With three wrong answers in the bag, the CIA successfully passed their second assignment - but they had further work to do in convincing Michael and Vicki that the celebs' failure was genuine.

"You have a lot of explaining to do, if I may say so," seethed Michael on his return, while Vicky speculated: "There’s a conspiracy theory, there’s no way this camp got them all wrong."

Edwina then told the Bush Telegraph: "Honestly, firing a question about Margaret Thatcher at me, then expecting me to lie through my teeth? You know there are honest politicians around and I do my best to be one!"

I'm A Celebrity continues tomorrow night at 9.40pm on ITV.