I'm A Celebrity 2014: Craig Charles and Nadia Forde FINALLY leave the Slammer

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Craig Charles and Nadia Forde have finally joined the main I'm A Celebrity 2014 camp.

But not before the pair were given a special challenge to get out of the dungey Celebrity slammer, where they have been kept since the series started.

Before going to Crock Creek Charles and Nadia had to complete an overnight task: They had to spend the night in a dark bunker. At intervals a siren would sound, indicating that stars had been dropped into the bunker – rats, cockroaches and other critters also joined them.

Craig and Nadia had to find the stars, put them into a capsule and down a shoot. The shoot went directly into Crock Creek where the campmates had to stay awake to immediately receive the stars.

In the bunker, Nadia was terrified. “The slammer’s looking really good right now,” she said. “We’ll be okay,” said Craig trying to reassure her.

“I was experiencing sheer terror,” said Nadia. “I was having a Gemma moment.”

Over in Croc Creek, the campmates devised a rota to make sure someone was always awake waiting for the stars.

Despite Nadia’s fear, they lasted the night and managed to collect seven of the ten stars. Afterwards, Nadia said: “I was proud of myself but I was a bit of a wimp and I did cry, so I’m not proud of that.”

After their tough night, Craig and Nadia walked into Croc Creek and were welcomed by the other campmates.

“It’s amazing. It’s a gorgeous camp. Everything’s so big and spacious,” said Nadia. “Everyone’s so lovely.”

Michael was pleased by their arrival: “Having two new arrivals in camp is absolutely great. They really widen the group out in lots of different ways.”

Kendra seemed less happy: “I think I’m comfortable with our group, the rescue squad, and now here comes all the new campmates and I’m like, I don’t know, I liked our squad the best.”

Craig was shocked to see Michael. “I didn’t expect to see you here,” he told him. “Neither did I. It’s all been a terrible mistake,” laughed Michael.

Craig told the Bush Telegraph: “Michael Buerk is in the jungle with me. Broadcasting legend. Can you believe it?”

Gemma asked Craig if he missed her. “No, we didn’t. We were glad you went, you miserable cow,” he joked, hugging her.

Craig told the campmates: “I like Gemma. When she’s on top form, she’s hilarious. “She was having a meltdown, then next minute she comes out skipping and dancing and saying does anyone want to play leap frog.”

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2014 airs nightly on ITV.