I'm A Celebrity 2014 recap: Tinchy Stryder aces trial but says NO to the food

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Tinchy Stryder impressed in his latest I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here trial in tonight's show.

The rapper was chosen by the public to do the trial, scarily named Chamber of Horrors.

Ant explained that the Chamber of Horrors trial featured seven doors which opened up to chambers and in each of those horrible hollows was a star which represented a meal for camp. The little rapper crossed himself before entering the first chamber of doom. In there he discovered aggressive mud crabs with their strong claws aiming at him. Tinchy found the star but unfortunately his time was just out.

The next terrifying room was full of rotting meat and thousands of flies which Tinchy had to root through and he got the star.

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A large monitor lizard with its tail thrashing wildly was in chamber number 3 and he failed to get the star.

“Why did the public want to do this to me, what did I do,” said Tinchy as he approached the fourth chamber. This one contained cockroaches and crickets and Tinchy was relieved when he got the star.

The fifth chamber contained snakes in a glass box. Tinchy had to put his hand in, find an allen key and then unscrew the star which was screwed in the middle of the box. Tinchy tried but didn’t succeed.

In the sixth chamber was fish guts and slime, and Tinchy was delighted when he found the star.

In the final chamber was green ants. Tinchy was more determined than ever and he got the star with just a second to spare.

With four stars out of a possible seven, Tinchy then had to make a decision – four meals for camp, or rescue a celebrity for the Slammer. “Oh man, do you have to do this to me?” said Tinchy to Ant and Dec. “I’m Tinchy, I need to gain some weight.”

But he eventually decided he had to rescue a celebrity, saying, “It’s going to be hard but whoever is rescued, they’ll be thankful.”

Tinchy returned to his campmates and shared the news that he had won four stars, but had sacrificed them to save a celebrity from the Slammer. “You have to, don’t you?” said Jimmy.

“That’s a big punch in the gut again,” said Kendra. “But we have to do, what we have to do, and rescue the celebrity.”

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They discussed who should be rescued and they all agreed it should be one of the girls. Mel and Foggy both opted for Nadia, while Jimmy, Michael, Vicki and Tinchy all voted to save Gemma.

Over in the Slammer, Craig took a call from Tinchy saying Gemma had been released. Gemma was ecstatic: “This is the ultimate dream come true, now I’m getting out of here. I just can’t wait.”

As Gemma said her goodbyes, she told Craig: “I know I’ve driven you mad but it’s the right choice for me to go.”

Craig agreed it was the best thing all round for Gemma to leave: “For the last few days, it’s been a constant barrage of negative vibes. When you’re going through something like this, you need everyone to try and keep positive.”

Gemma walked into Croc Creek saying, “I’m so happy to be here.” When she heard Tinchy was the person who saved her, she went over to him and kissed him, saying thank you.

Gemma told her new campmates about how difficult she had found the last few days, admitting she had thrown a few wobblers. “I ended up thinking I was in a real prison,” said Gemma.

However we now know that Gemma ended up quitting the jungle after moving out.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2014 airs nightly on ITV.