I'm A Celebrity 2013: Kian Egan, David Emanuel take on their last Bushtucker Trial

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I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here finalists David Emanuel and Kian Egan ate some jungle delicacies yesterday as they faced the dreaded 'Final Feast' Bushtucker Trial.

In the traditional end-of-series challenge, the pair were each served a starter, main, dessert and drink - and for every one they consumed they'd win the equivalent course for their last supper.

"It’s the one I’ve been dreading the most, I’m not going to lie," commented Kian. "Put me in a cage with any animal, hang me out of a helicopter, no problem, but this is the one I feared the most. But that’s why we’re here, to be challenged."

Hosts Ant and Dec soon dished the first course, with David getting 'cheese fruit fondue', consisting of a king cricket to dunk in blended cheese fruit.

"I do this for my country," proclaimed the fashion designer as he downed the insect.

Kian then had 'tap-ass' - ostrich anus in a tapas dish with some dressing. "It looks like chicken, tastes like chicken. It’s alright," he said, chewing on the meat.

With starters in the bag, the boys successfully took on their second course. David ate pig penis floating in a 'cock au vin' casserole, while Kian just managed his 'fish and nips' - or fish and cow udders.

"I’ve never gagged before. That’s the first time in my life," said the Westlife singer.

Next were the desserts, with David being handed a 'seaworm sundae' - a sundae glass filled with beach worms. "Totes amazeballs. I’ve learnt that since I’ve been here," he joked after finishing his portion.

Kian then won his pudding by taking some 'cock-olate eye scream' - a cockroach and a fish eye. Afterwards, Ant and Dec informed him that he'd set a new I'm A Celebrity record for eating an eyeball in the fastest time.

Finally, they washed it down with their drinks - a cockroach, cricket and mealworm-flavoured 'cham-pain' for David, which he described as 'truly disgusting', and a liquidised fermented duck egg for Kian.

Describing the taste, Kian said: "Have you ever vomited into your own mouth? Multiply that by a million and put really sour eggs in the middle."

With the ordeal over, the boys returned to camp, and were later treated to a feast of their favourite foods at a candlelit table, laid with proper cutlery and crockery.

David tucked in to smoked salmon with lemon and pepper, a fillet steak with mushrooms, tomatoes and fries, and an Eton Mess - while Kian enjoyed margarita pizza with peri peri sauce, burger and chips and banoffee pie. Both quenched their thirst with tall glasses of beer.

Afterwards, Kian laughed: "We’ll be up and down to the toilet like yo-yo’s after that dinner."

"Particularly when you consider everything we’ve eaten today," replied David.

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