I'm A Celebrity 2013 results: Matthew Wright wins immunity from eviction

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Matthew Wright has become the fifth and final celebrity to win immunity from tonight's Im A Celebrity UK results.

Earlier this weekend, Laila, David, Vincent and Rebecca were all given immunity as part of the camp saviour twist, which involved Amy Willerton, Joey Essex and Kian Egan.

Tonight saw all of the other celebrities take part in a special trial and whoever won would win immunity as well as meals for camp.

“I feel like it’s pointless for me. I don’t want immunity,” said Alfonso. “I’m ready to be with my family,”

“I’m not bothered about the immunity at all. I’m just bothered about the trial. I’m just such a scaredy cat and I don’t want to let people down. I just find each one is more scary than the one before,” said Annabel, getting tearful.

Annabel was getting nervous about the trial and from inside the dunny, Steve yelled, “I don’t feel I can council you whilst I’m having a sh**.”

Before long the group were in the trial area where Ant and Dec explained the rules for the task, called Critter Crates.

Each of the celebrities would be locked in a different crate. The aim is to get out within five minutes. The celebrities had to drag five keys up through a maze on the door in front of them, using magnets. Each key opens padlocks on the side of the crate. They would have to open all five to get out.

The first person out would win immunity and each person to make it out within the time would win one and a half stars. There were 12 stars in total to win up to 12 meals for camp. Of course the celebrities would be joined by critters.

Annabel was nervous before she even began the trial, and when it started she panicked immediately. “I can’t get it (the key) up. I can’t see how the maze works,” she said. “Get off me,” she squealed as she was joined by critters.

The other celebrities remained focused and Matthew was the first to complete the trial and get out – he therefore won himself immunity.

Alfonso was the second celebrity to get out. The others failed to complete the task and therefore as a team they won three stars - three meals for camp.

Annabel just seemed happy to get out of the crate. “Thank you very much,” she said gratefully as she was let out, still shaking. As Lucy was let out she went straight over to Annabel, “Are you okay, Annie. Alright babe?” Lucy said as she hugged her.

“I couldn’t even work out the maze,” said Annabel. “I was trying to sing the Jungle Book songs but I couldn’t remember them,” said Annabel.

I'm A Celebrity UK airs nightly on ITV.