I'm A Celebrity 2013: Matthew Wright accused of faking phobias

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Friends of I'm A Celebrity 2013 star Matthew Wright have accused him of faking his aversion of creepy crawlies.

We've seen a scared Matthew have to tackle the usual jungle critters three times already this series, and he's always been very apprehensive.

But supposed close pals (who clearly aren't that close to him) have said Matthew is just faking it all for air time to make sure he's voted to take part in the trials.

"Matthew is on the show for one reason — to raise his profile," a friend told The Sun newspaper today. "And the only way to get screen time is to act up so viewers vote him to do trials.

“He saw how in previous years Helen Flanagan and Gillian McKeith got hours of coverage when they freaked out and were voted to do all the trials."

The source went to explain: “Matthew knows he is not as big a name as some of the others so he has to try harder to get noticed.

“He has said there is no point doing a show like this if you are just going to sit in the background drinking tea. To make an impact you have got to be doing the trials — and to get voted for them you need to be scared.”

Last night Matthew's attention grabbing antics continued, as he showered in a white bikini.

“Do not be alarmed, you’ve got nothing to be alarmed about,” Matthew told Joey as the pair showered together. “The papers always want to know who’s going to do the Myleene white bikini moment and maybe wondering if it’s going to be Amy or Lucy, but I can let you into a little secret, Joey, that this year’s white bikini moment is coming from a fella."

Joey’s jaw dropped as Matthew took off his clothes to reveal that he was wearing a white bikini.

“I soaped up and did my very best to recreate those magic Myleene moments. At one point the bloody things (bikini bottoms) came undone,” laughed Matthew.

A spokesperson for Matthew commented: “Matthew really is petrified of spiders and bugs and anything like that. He even had a number of sessions with a hypnotherapist.”