I'm A Celebrity 2012: What did the celebs learn from the jungle?

I'm A Celebrity 2012 final - Charlie Brooks

I'm A Celebrity 2012's Coming Out show airs tonight on ITV1, which sees the celebs reflect back on their experience.

The show goes back in time to the first day in camp, and follows the stars behind the scenes as they're eliminated right up until last weekend's final, which saw Charlie Brooks win the show.

But just did what did the celebs take from their three week stay down under?

Confident as ever, Eric declares: “The weak get eaten in the jungle, the strong survive.”

Linda admitted: “It’s so different being in the show to watching it at home, it’s so much harder than you could ever imagine. I’ve learnt that I’m a tough old bird, that I’m much tougher than I thought I’d ever be.”

Hugo added: “A school prepares you for exams, but this is a life experience and I haven’t had many of those.”

Perhaps going on the biggest journey, Helen said: "I realised this was going to be harder than I ever imagined, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and yeah, I killed it.

"There is so much I will take away from this experience sounds really stupid but even in the hotel I was like ‘Oh I can’t work these lights, I just can’t work them, argghh where’s my mum.’ so I said to myself “ Helen, do the lights yourself!”

Despite being out first, Nadine claimed: “I achieved what a set out to achieve, although there’s been negative press in a few weeks post Christmas people won’t remember that negative press but they will remember my name”

Third placed David said: “It was a good lesson for me to realise what’s important in life and that I waste a lot of time on menial things that aren’t that important and I think I’m a better person for going in the jungle.”

Ashley added: “It was nice to open up to people I hadn’t met before and you realise how grateful you are for your life and I’m just so excited to go home with my family and friends and tell them how much I love them.”

And finally, the new Queen of the Jungle, Charlie said: “It’s definitely mentally one of the biggest thing I’ve achieved, it’s been a marathon, I’ve had to dig deep, find strength, get through and it feels like a great achievement.”

I'm A Celebrity... Coming Out airs tonight at 8PM on ITV1.

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