I'm A Celebrity 2012: Ashley Roberts, Charlie Brooks tuck in to 'Final Feast' trial

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Charlie BrooksAshley Roberts and Charlie Brooks had to eat various jungle nasties yesterday in their last I'm A Celebrity 2012 Bushtucker Trial, 'Final Feast'.

The challenge - an end-of-series tradition - saw the pair face four rounds, in which they could each win one course of a special last supper.

"We’ve got to get through this and then we’re on the home stretch. We need a nice last night in the jungle," commented Charlie.

First up they were playing for starters - and Ashley was dished up 'Deep Fried Camel-bert', or a camel's penis. Charlie encouraged her to think 'happy thoughts', as she successfully downed it.

But the former Eastenders actress had to eat her own words as she was served 'Witchetty Grub Wrong-ton' - a live witchetty grub.

"I want to eat the camel’s penis. It feels horrible. This is my worst nightmare," she squealed, eventually managing to eat the bug.

They moved on to the main course, and both were successful again, Ashley chomping on one fish eyeball from an 'Eye-ella', before Charlie had a slice of pig brain on a 'Quiche Lor-Brain'.

Next was dessert, and Ashley faced 'Death by Cocklate' - a chocolate cake swarming in live cockroaches - and Charlie a 'Tur-Key Lime Pie', a vomit fruit pie covered in turkey testicles. Much retching later, both had earned their third course.

Finally they played for drinks. Ashley had to down 'Duck Egg Nog', a blended 100-year-old duck egg, while Charlie guzzled 'Bugs Fizz' - blended cockroaches, crickets and mealworms.

They were successful again, securing their final course - and walked away from the clearing having completed the entire trial.

"No matter who wins tomorrow, we’re both the Queen’s of the Jungle after that," commented Ashley. "hat was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done in my life. You go against every instinct in your body."

Meanwhile, Charlie wisely suggested they didn't think about what they'd consumed, saying: "I'll never eat anything like that again in my entire life."

Their effort proved worthwhile as later on they got to choose their own delicious dinner, which consisted of nachos, battered prawns, Fajitas, Burritos, chocolate vanilla ice cream and apple crumble, washed down with beer and margaritas.

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