I'm A Celebrity 2012 final three enjoy hot tub party

I'm A Celebrity 2012 - Ashley Roberts

The I'm A Celebrity 2012 stars enjoyed a hot tub party on the show tonight.

The three remaining celebrities were told that they could win a host of prizes including an evening in the jungle hot tub if they answered a series of questions correctly.

The questions were about their fellow celebrities and for every two questions they got correct, they won the prizes which were fluffy white dressing gowns, scented candles, strawberries, chocolate, music, champagne and an evening in the hot tub.

The excited celebrities guessed the correct amount of answers and won all of the prizes.

They made their way to the hot tub - where last year Peter Andre surprised celebrities including Willie Carson and Fatima Whitbread - and jumped into the bubbles with their champagne ate strawberries dipped in chocolate and sang along to tunes including Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

The three remaining celebrities discussed the perks and perils of fame. David also revealed his aspirations to become an actor.

David revealed that the first time he realised he was famous was when he flew back to the UK after his legendary World Championship fight. He said, “The first time I realised I was famous was when I went to Germany to fight for the Heavy Weight Champion of the World against that big 7ft 2in Russian. I beat him and when I got back to the airport there were about 1000 people at the airport when I got off the plane. I had all these armed guards come up to me, going ‘we’re your escorts’. I thought ‘what have I done?’ It was a really strange experience. It was mental.”

Talking about the perks of being famous, David added, “The best thing about being famous are the perks. When I didn't have any money I always wanted stuff, clothes. Now that ‘I've become well known and famous, the brands that I aspired to have, want me to wear their things, jeans companies, trainers. What ever I wanted, they were like ‘OK, could you wear this?’ I’d go into a shop and they'd say ‘OK what do you want? Take what you want, just take a picture of you wearing it.’ They'd give me as much stuff as I want. They were talking about cars, it was anything.”

He continued, “The worst bit is people trying to intrude on your private life. People feel like your public property. You can’t have it both ways though it’s a trade off, you can't take the perks and really moan about. I don't really mind people coming up and asking for pictures autographs, that’s fine. It’s inconvenient sometimes, but the people who are asking you for a picture or an autograph are the people paying to watch me fight.”

Ashley told of the day she realised she was famous, she said. “When the group just starting exploding it kind of went from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds, like a rocket ship. I didn't really have time even think about it. I remember walking out of my hotel to grab a coffee in the morning and there were fans that were sleeping outside. They had slept through the night. They were there all day and all night just wanting to get a glimpse of you and I was like ‘what? It’s so strange’

Charlie confessed, “Mine’s not quite as exciting. I suppose I realised I was recognised off the telly when I went to a shopping mall and got bombarded from people asking for autographs and pictures. I was like ‘oh my god’, this autograph that I have been practicing since I was little. I was like ‘you really want mine?’

She then added, “Maybe the downside is people thinking I'm like my character. Just assuming you are like her, shouting horrible things all the time.”

When David asked how often this happened, Charlie confessed, “Quite a lot. It was more when I was young. Things like, ‘Janine you slag’.

A shocked David asked, “What do you do, laugh it off?”

Charlie added, “Yeah just laugh it off. I've been doing it since I was 17. So I’m very good at walking away and not being bothered by it at all.”

David told Charlie and Ashley of his aspirations to be an actor, he said, “In five years time obviously boxing will be gone. I've got one maximum two more fights that I want, other than that I'm not interested in doing any more. In five years time I’d like to be a well-established actor. That's my ultimate goal. People will not see me a boxer but as


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